fredag 4 februari 2011

New Adress!


Last blogspot post

This is my last post on

Will move to another site very soon.

Hope to see you all there!

Here's some pictures from my past days in Åre:

Partyjoel welcomes you to the last post.

Partyjoel is everywhere!

Nice weather on the top, but crazy ass wind. Unridable.

Partyjoel and Chris Thelin taking some turns

Partyjoel on sharkhunt.

Chrille P heading for a hard impact.

Awsome skype-preparty!

Chrill supermegastoked!

PartyJoel and the Norwegian untz untz untzin!

Laffa building park together with his awsome crew.

PartyJoel x2 say goodbye and welcomes you all to the future!

tisdag 1 februari 2011

Holy Moses Car Pick Up

Went to Östersund a couple of days ago to pick up Hampus new whip.

Unfortunately it didn't work out quite as we wanted...

fredag 28 januari 2011

7 Up teaser REMAKE

Stumbled across this remake of my 7 UP teaser when I was out searchin the web today.

It's made by a guy who calls himself J Slectha and it got like 26 views on vimeo so far.
Let's push it some more! Hehe

Kinda weird to look at something that you originally put together and then someone else totally flipped the script on it.

måndag 24 januari 2011


Tonight I've been shooting for the Holy Moses videoblog since he was warming up for Nause at Måndagklubben here at Tott, Åre.

Videoblog dropping soon. Just gotta catch some sleep first.

Stay tuned!

Here's some screens:

Holy sipping on some wine together with ol' dirty Schmeck

Disco ballin

Tribalguy gangsignin'!

Partyjoel drinks for partyjoel!


Enough Said

The Swedish Nitro movie is now online.

Got a bunch of shots up in there.

Check it out!

Flux Pavilion

Okey, I know it's just monday. But I'm allready starting to look forward toward the weekend.

Dubstepmaestro Flux Pavilion are coming to Umeå, Sweden and Random Bastards "Goodfellas" the 29th of January.

If you're nearby. Please come!

He's also playing in Gävle the 28th, so if that's closer. Just go there instead. But make sure to come out!

fredag 21 januari 2011

Lolli Slideshow

I just saw that german photographer Lorenz Holder has released a slideshow with pictures from last years season in Sweden.

Good suff.

Also make sure to check out his webpage.

Lolli luktar varmkorv med bröd. Som fan. USCH!

Anton Gun wallride to drop

Matte Nybreckt tailimpressing the people of Sundsvall.

Nybreckt-tkt Polejam to wallride in Umeå. Team Edit

Kasper has put together a sweet edit for with teamriders Torgeir Berre, Fredrik Perry, Even Brekke och Aleksander Oestreng.

As always when it comes to edits from Kasper, you know it's dope!

Got some additional footage up in there, most of the shots was also included in Klaustrophobiatch.
Make sure to check that one out if you by any chance have missed it.

Flower Power

Fredrik "Pile of Shit" Perry

If you take a good look. That's me in the right corner, working hard on my tan while trying to squeeze in a shot or two in between.

Alek checking out the scenery.

tisdag 18 januari 2011

Byssas TV Åre Blog


The first episode of the third season is here!

We had a really magical day here in Åre a couple a days ago and here's the result.

Good vibe, good times.

Byssa's tv-åre blog s3e1 from Niklas Byström on Vimeo.

måndag 17 januari 2011

söndag 16 januari 2011

Two Sides of Life

Next Productions latest movie has dropped and I realized I've missed out on this one.

I also discoverd I got a couple of shots in there from the sunsetsession in Folgefonna.

Sick riding from some of Norway's finest riders plus swedish machine Tor Lundström.

fredag 14 januari 2011

More bluebird!

I only been out riding two days since I got back here in Åre but I've been lucky enough to pick the best two days possible.

Sunshine, no wind, good friends and almost a empty park.

Got a few shots from today that might appear in Byssa's first blog of the season that will drop pretty soon!

Good times.

Above the clouds!

Pretty nice conditions.

Stickers looking good in sunshine.

Hey, Partyjoel rides for Partyjoel again!

Redline records

Blackstreet - No diggity

Hampus Backlight Ahlström

Steffe K together with Slednecks Håkan who left his sled at home and took his board for a ride.

Lights, camera, sunset!
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