lördag 31 juli 2010


It's finally here.
What you all been waiting for:


Got some sweet shots up in that motherf'er!

Italian Tour

Me and Kire's workation continues.

After a few days on the road we're back on the French Riviera and the apartment in Mandelieu.

Been driving all the way up to Ulm in Germany, then through Lausanne in Switzerland, Milano, Verona and Bologna in Italy.
Spend one night at Kire's sisters Stella and her husband Giuliano's place outside of Verona too. Good times.

We had some trouble with exploding tires on the highway and minor setbacks through out the trip but now we have the weekend off here in Cannes. I'm trying to put together one final edit from the last days in Fonna too, so hopefully it will be ready tomorrow.

Ba baba da boopi!

A exploding tire on the highway in 140 km/h aint nuthin to play with.

Getting towed.

Drow by Zermatt and Saas Fee

Stella and Giuliano's place. True italian countryside style.

Kire and Stella. And a traktor.

Right in the middle of an italian "30 minute goodbye". What is Giuliano saying? Probably something like this:

Is this a big Red Bull or a small Heineken!?

Here's where I'm editing the latest videoupdate from Fonna. Pretty decent office.

By the way. I also heard that the DUCKSJEN teaser will be released later on today.
So stay tuned for that!


Found this video on VideoHyperShred

Different things that breaks in hi-speed.

What's not to love!?

söndag 25 juli 2010

More Fonna Vids

Check this video from Ducksjen's Fonna visit.

Additional footage by me!

Also check out this video from Spatziba at High Cascade.

Scott Stevens, MFM, Nisse Arvidsson and Vin Diesel ripping it!



Been lazy with the blogupdatin business lately, but I'm on a long workation right now. Mostly work I must say though, but some vacation days too every now and then.

A fun addition to the trip though is my new sidekick Erik Kire Karlsson!

My trip these past weeks has contained starts and stops in following cities:

And tomorrow me and Kire are heading for a tour in Italy and Germany for 3-4 days.
Working Class Heroes for real!

Some Pics
Just eatin up them miles behind the wheels.


Met Andy G and the Windstedt family in Malmö

Hooked up with a badly bruised Philip Harlaut in Stockholm

Philip are not entirely sure about what really happened during his accident, but I suggest that you all should have breaks on your bicycles otherwise you can end up like this.

Kire sleeping. I'm driving. Sounds fair..

Kire hangin out at the French riviera.

Checkin out the playground

GAAAH! The sun!

This is how we do it!

Big ballin!

lördag 17 juli 2010

Fonna Vids

Found two videos from Nike 6.0 and Head Snowboards from their Folgefonna visits earlier this summer.

Teaser for Nike's D-Pad Session features riding by Mason Aguirre, Kevin Bäckström, Eero Ettala and Terje Hakonsen.

The montage from Head Snowboards contains riding by Fredik Evensen, Alex Tank, Christophe Schimdt and last but not least our very own Viktor Wiberg. A.k.a SvartWiberg

Additonal footage by me! Stoked on that.
It turned out really good I must say.

Check it out!

torsdag 8 juli 2010


Okey. My snowboardseason are now officially over.

Today was my first day of work on my "real" job, and I wont be able to post as much on this blog since I'm going away for a couple off weeks now down in Europe.

I have some more footage from Folgefonna that I wanna share with you aswell, but unfortunately I haven't got the time right now. Maybe in a few weeks if my job doesn't kill me.

Anyway. Yesterday I went for a quick trip to Umeå to deliver the last of my footage for the Random Bastards movie and after we were done, we headed down to the skateplaza "Sparken" for a short session with the Random skaters. (Not to mention barefoot skater Rolf Nylinder)

The entire session was filmed in just one hour, so don't expect too much.
But hopefully I'll get a chance to film there some more this summer. That would be DOPE!

Okey. Have a nice summer all of y'all.

Signin out.

1 Timme i Sparken from Kristofer Fahlgren on Vimeo.

tisdag 6 juli 2010

Fonna Best Trick Contest

Here's a short edit from the contest that I told you about earlier that I was asked to film.
It's been done for a while but I've been wating on some sponsor logos so I couldn't upload it until today.

Julius Ödegaard walked away from it 10000 NOK richer. Emil Flossheim got on third place which gave him a sweet goodiebag from the sponsors and one years supply of Smartfish.

Not bad at all!

Check it out HERE

Best Trick Contest Fonna 2010 from Kristofer Fahlgren on Vimeo.

Felix Urbauer

I met Felix on Folgefonna last week when he was there for the Head Snowboards shoot.
He's one of the leadfilmers for the Isenseven movies and also a really nice guy.
We exchanged footage during the sunsetshoot, and hopefully he will use some of my clips in a coming edit. That would be really fun to see, since he sure knows what he's doing when it comes to filming and editing.

Check out his showreels on his webpage, and also make sure to check out the Isenseven teaser if you haven't watched it yet.

söndag 4 juli 2010

Peace And Love Day 2&3

Ok. Now I've made it home from Borlänge and the Peace and Love festival.

Had a great time there, saw some dope bands, drank some good beer and met a lot of nice people I haven't seen in a while.

Good times!

Jon and Beyer chillin in Klas RV

Dance BAnders Haglöf showed up and made the days a little bit better

Jon feeling the vibe on the Hur Högt gig. Nääk, Nimo and Thomas Rusiaks latest constellation. They got some bangin tracks goin on there. Keep your eyes and ears open!

Ran in to Kristoffer "Holiday Håkan" Hultgren also. Always ready to strike a pose!

Krille Davidsson was there aswell. So Dope Boy Fresh!

The Shout Out Louds dedicated their track "Impossible" to Holiday Håkan

And then there was Jay


Found this clip from the concert with the "Forever Young"song, which is one of the worst Jay Z tracks of all time. But still, this clip is kind of funny. Especially the dude with the hat.

torsdag 1 juli 2010

Peace And Love Day 1

Today the Peace and Love festival kicks off here in Borlänge.

Me, Jon Byström and Klas Beyer are about to head down to the festival arena in a few minutes.

Here are some of the artists I'm planning of seeing today.

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