fredag 30 april 2010

April Edit

Found this edit by Fredrik De Santiago with some random shred from Hemavan and Åre.


I'm up in there high fiving it!

april edit. from Fredrick De Santiago on Vimeo.

torsdag 29 april 2010

Clip Of The Week - Shoveling Snow

I know I've missed out probably two weeks in a row now with my Clip Of The Week posts. But I've been hell of busy with the whole JOSS thing and then I've had lots of other things to do aswell after that. Oh well, to be honest I've been lazy and the last weeks here in Åre usually consist of a whole lot of partying. Give me a break!

Anyway, here it is. A clip from earlier this winter. Shot during the same session as the Dog Attack Video.

In this weeks episode Matte Nyberg and Anton Gunnarsson are shoveling some snow in Sundsvall.

This angry old man comes out and complains but Young Money Newbreckt and Anton Got Yourself A GUNarsson shows that they ain't nuthin to F--K wit!

Bad Boys 4 Life!

Clip Of The Week - Shoveling Snow from Kristofer Fahlgren on Vimeo.

Sorry about the outstreched format on the video. I fucked up I admit it, but I don't have the energy to do it all over.

tisdag 27 april 2010

Bo Hansson

Last week the great MC off famous Gang Starr past away after a long time off sickness.

And today another great musician swedish Hansson unfortunately past away.

Read the short article here

Bo Hansson was a kick as musician that made instrumental arrangements off The Lord Off The Rings trilogy among other things.
His work has been sampled by tons off Hiphopartists and I've spent a lot off time back in the days listening to his music.

Here's probably his most sampled track "Utflykt Med Förvecklingar" or "Excursion with complications" that has been used in following tracks:
Fattaru - Babylon
Dr Dooom - Leave me alone (Peanutbutter Wolf-remix)
Fat Joe - Damn
Cormega - Thin Line
Atmoshpere - The arrival
It has also been used by my homeboy Johnny "Fidelity Entertainment" Holmgren for a track on Tony Komas latest Album Prelude.
Listen to the track "The Prophet" on his myspace

måndag 26 april 2010

Nitro in Åre

Today I met up with Nitro filmer Magnus Törnkvist and Nitro riders Anton Bilare, Sven Thorgren and Sindre Iversen.

They are here to hit the stepover kicker in Solravinen and hopefully the weather will give us a chance to get to hit it tomorrow.

Read more about it on Magnus Törnkvists Blog

The kicker looking good but the weather got pretty crappy in the afternoon.

söndag 25 april 2010

Ducksjen Update nr.2

Kire representin. WOW!

Ducksjen Videoblog Ep. 2 from Playboard Magazine on Vimeo.

JOSS Team Norway Edit

Now it's released.
Team Norway's JOSS edit.

The comments looking pretty good so far. So happy that people seem to be appreciating it!

Check it out and please feel free to leave a comment.

lördag 24 april 2010

The best Of JOSS

The best of video contains nominees from the teams in Best Crash, Best Jib, Best Style and Best Tech trick!

Our video will be released tomorrow so keep your eyes open.

torsdag 22 april 2010

JOSS - Team Sweden Edit

Now the edits from JOSS has started to be released.

You can watch them all at JOSUPERSESSIONS

Here's one of my favorites, Team Sweden with Henrik Harlaut, Niklas Eriksson and Oskar Scherlin. Filmed and edited by Ante Olofsson and Jocke Åhslund.

Great work guys!

JOSS 2010 - Team Sweden from Jon Olsson Video Blog on Vimeo.

Byssas TV Åre Blog - New Episode!

Latest episode of Byssa's TV Åre Blog is just released!

Helped with some filming in this episode aswell. Looks like a lot of fun I must say.
Good shreddin and nice weather!
Check it.

Byssa's tv-åre blogg #20 from Niklas Byström on Vimeo.

A nice day in Åre

Yesterday we had a really good day.

Me, Joel and Philip Harlaut teamed up and went for a hike to the top of the mountain and had a really great run on the backside.
Rounded up the day with some beer on Fjällgården and then headed on to Dippan to watch Lazee and Promoe.
Good times!
Joel and Philip doing the Göran Kropp-pose!
Philip claiming
Found some really good snow on the backside
Rounded up the day with a beer at Fjällgården
Then at night we went to see Promoe at Dippan
Look a likes. Schmecken and Love. Who is who?

söndag 18 april 2010

Pics from JOSS Awards

Found these pictures from Blondinbella's blog.

She was hosting the event together with Colby James West.
They did a pretty good job I must say.

After the scoring was over, three teams ended on the same points.
Team Norway up on the stage
Hampus did the job as style judge! Full points for our team!
Team Canada got the best overall score, so they where announced as final winner!
My homeboy from Övik Nils "Big City Boy" Grundberg was also there to support Bella. I guess he is the one who's been taking the pictures.

Good times!

lördag 17 april 2010


I just found this clip that a friend of mine posted.

Probably the sickest thing I have ever seen.

Really wish I could do things like that.

Sooo sick!

JOSS Awards

Ok, here's a short summary of tonights JOSS awards.

Team Canada took home the whole thing while Team Norway ended up in a split second place together with team Newschoolers.
We all had equal points after the four different categories, but the overall score came to decided who was the winning team.
We did score the best when it came to

But when it came down to the overall we came down a little bit short and team Canada with Mike Clark on the Team did a great job with the editing.

Congrats Canada, even though I thought that Team America, Team Newschoolers and Team Sweden killed it!

Here's a short clip from the awards.


On thursday the annual Jon Olsson Invitational Competition was held here in Åre.

Our team member, or actually you could call him our team captain Andreas Håtveit did his thing and won the whole comp.
Congrats to him.
After that we headed straight back home to our apartment to start the editing.

About 20 hours later we handed it in. Not much sleep these past two days I must say but now it feels great.

The JOSS awards will be held tonight (saturday) at Mix Megapol Arena. Really looking forward towards looking at the other teams edits. It will for sure be some sick stuff in there.

All the teams have a great chance of winning I must say, so I really don't have any expectations on the evening. But hopefully we will place well and I'm sure that we'll have a great night!


Here's the Video from JOI!

onsdag 14 april 2010

JoSS Day 10

The days just keeps running by an soon this whole thing will be over.
We haven't even begun with the editing yet. But at least we have put all the clips together and we're lucky enough to get to borrow Byssa's 27" iMac to edit the movie on. Big up to him for lending us his mean machine!

Can't wait to get started!

Tomorrow the Jon Olsson Invitational Competion will be held at 19.00. After that, we will head straight back to our apartement and probably stay up all the time that's left until deadline at 18.00 on friday afternoon. Gonna be some pretty tight and hectic days now I guess.

No clip of the week will be delivered this week, hope that you're OK with that.
Hopefully I will bring you two edits next week when this JOSS thing is over..

By the way. You can watch the JOI contest live on the web tomorrow at the JOSS page.

Here's some pics from that site that I stole from the loving photographer Thomas Kleiven
Andreas Håtveit from todays JOI practice
Sig Tveit showing off his new steeze
Tveit himself claims that he looks like sid from Ice Age on this picture
I wouldn't argue with him on that one..
Nighttime chillin
Håtveit backflippin. Just like that!

tisdag 13 april 2010

JoSS Day 9

Today we hit the jib garden again and Alexander got revenge on the haystacks! Booyah!

Then in the evening when all the other teams went on the annual rock party at Bygget we decided to go hit a wooden rail up in Björnen instead. Maybe not the best desicion we made this past week..

Check out this article on norwegian magazine Fri Flyt's webpage.

It's about the other filmer on our team Andreas Johannessen. There's also some smooth pictures in there from tonights session.
When we came home from the session, the article and the pictures was allready published on the web

Good work by Mr. Kleiven I must say!

Read the Fri Flyt article HERE
We gave the haystacks another try. Alexander Aurdal is THE MAN!
Sig Tveit hiking that rail
Me and Andreas looking at the shots. I'm looking kind of sceptical..

Last two photos by Thomas Kleiven

måndag 12 april 2010

JOSS Day 8

Today started off with nice and sunny weather but the clouds came rollin in pretty much the same time as we started the session on the Hip and the Jib Garden Arena. We really needed some shot from that place since we missed out on the first session due to late arrivals.

We got some good shots on the hip by Andreas who went HUGE!
Check out Thomas Kleiven's photos at he SUPER SESSION page

Hopefully the weather will allow us to give the jib garden another try tomorrow.
Alex doin some yoga excercises.
Hampus going big on the hip. On SKIS!
Check out that steeze!
Simon Fossheim trying out the gap to box feature.

söndag 11 april 2010

Pics from today

I just got a hold of some smooth pics taken by this kick ass dude called Daniel Jordy.
When he post stuf on the internet, they will most likely end up HERE

Here's some pictures from tonights session on the JOI jump.
Andreas Håtveit
Sig Tveit, who actually lost his key to the apartment today which will cost him 2000 SEK!
Alexander Aurdal is being filmed by Ante Olofsson
Pretty decent airtime
Aurdal Up In The Sky
Håtveit and our paraglider Pål, teamworking!

JOSS Day 7

After last days disappointment with no shots at all, today was a big improvement!

We went back up to the step over kicker in Solravinen at 11 o clock and DAMN that was a good session!
First ever tricks was thrown down almost wherever you looked.

All off our teamriders ended up with shots from that session. Stoked!

Then we went down to Max for probably like the 10th time this past week to gear up with another JOSS-Meal, then straight back up to the JOI-kicker right next to the VM6-lift.

The light was EPIC but most of the riders was really tired from the first session so it was a pretty mellow session but we managed to end up with some smooth hangglider shots in the end. Big ups to Pål for operating the hangglider. Hope to get some more help out of him these following days aswell.

Hampus Mosesson looking at the shots from EuroGap filmer Jakku's camera.
My angle on the step over kicker
Alexander Aurdal after a good session
Team Norway gettin shots!
Emil Fossheim stopped by and showed his awesome tan after a hard day of shaping. You can't really tell from the picture, but he is RED! Really really RED!

lördag 10 april 2010

JOSS Day 6

Today we went up the top of Åreskutan where the sleds took us the last way to solravinen and the Step Over Kicker.

The session started off with unsteady weather and clouds coming and going but after a while the conditions were epic.

Too bad the jump didn't work out quite as the riders wanted. The speed was a little bit slow and the landing was hard and icy.
Hopefully things will be better tomorrow when we will give it another try.

Here's a few pics
Met Hampus Mosesson at the top as we waited for the sleds. He was planing on hitting the kicker but didn't. Maybe tomorrow.
Fog and clouds was sweeping over the place in the beginning of the session.
But after the heli flew around a little bit and messed with the clouds the sun could finally come out for real.
Paul, our secret weapon for tomorrow.

Photos from last days urban

Here's some sneak preview pictures from last days urban mission.

All photos taken by the superb photographer Thomas Kleiven.
Team Norway Gettin Those Shots!
High Five!
Sig Tveit is so damn Gangsta I almost crashed my Bentley

Second Hands Golden Air Edit

I just realized that I've forgot to post this edit that I made from the Winter Weekend in Tandådalen about two weeks ago.

I was having a hard time filming the competition since it was poring down rain during the whole event.
A soon as the price ceremony was over, the rain also stopped.

Luckily I managed to get some nice shots during the day when the sun was shining.

Thanks to Adam Falk for helping me with some additional footage.
Also check out SecondHands and keep an eye out for their up and coming projects.

Check it out here:

SGA 2010 from Secondhands on Vimeo.

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