onsdag 30 december 2009


Me and my friend Joel decided to pack our bags and head up to Kittelfjäll for this New Years celebrations.
Feels kinda good not to be up in Åre this weekend actually.
There's usually too much people up there, and mostly the wrong kind of people.

Here the atmosphere is more relaxed and chill (cold) even though we're currently residing right next to a bunch of farmers from a place called Junsele. RETARDS! That's all I've got to say..

Here's some pics from today:
Nice view when I woke up
Bluebird but cold as hell!
Lots of snow.
We like!
Joel representin
Joel representin twice as hard!

lördag 26 december 2009


The newest Random Bastards Movie is here.
Check it out!

Click for fullscreen or go to Random Bastards

tisdag 22 december 2009

Shooting with Santa

Holidays are coming, holidays are coming...
To get in the right mood, me and Byssa went out to shoot a kick ass intro with Santa Claus himself for his first videoblog of the season!

It was cold as hell, but we still managed to get some good shots. So keep your eyes open for his TV Åreblog that'll drop on Christmas Evening, right after Donald Duck and his friends!

Håkan aka Bad Santa
Byssa capturing Santa at his natural environment.
The temperature was similar to the northpole anyway.
Me and my new lens!
Jonte aka Gangsta Santa

måndag 21 december 2009


Got this video from Kire who's been shreddin with the Ducksjen Crew in Geilo a couple of weeks ago.

Really nice edit! 
Check it out..

Kasper Häggström sure know's what he's doin.

Make sure to watch the full Ducksjen Movie aswell if you havn't seen it yet!

Video Flyer

This is the latest shit I guess.

Instead of handing out flyers printed on paper. You publish them in form of a video.

I'm thinkin about skipping the traditional "Heyhowareyoudoing and whatareyouuptonow-party" in Örnsköldsvik this Christmas.

Gonna be an awsome party up in Umeyo the 25th!

lördag 19 december 2009

More Shreddin

Been shreddin some more up here in Åre. Helping Byssa out with his Videoblog.
Hopefully got some shots today when me, Byssa, Sammy and Jakob took some turns at Ullådalen and Rödkullen.
Here's some pics from Byssas blog
Me and Sammy at Ullådalen parking lot.
Strapping in
Me and Jake hangin out!

torsdag 17 december 2009

Avalanches in Åre

That's all I've got to say..

Read the full story on mr.Byströms blog:

Beautiful day though, even if we didn't quite get as good shots as we wanted.
At least we made it down from the mountains alive, so I guess I got to be stoked about that!
Right after the avalanche, lots of snow!
The Gunrackpack
Click for larger image! Sketch!
Alive and kickin!

onsdag 16 december 2009

The Boardstore Movie

Now it's out there!
The premiere last friday was off the hook, and now it's available for online streaming and downloading.

Been putting down a whole lot of time and effort on this project, so now it feels really good when it's finally done!

Check it out here on the blog or watch it on one of the sponsors/mediapartners webpages.


torsdag 10 december 2009

Kire Promo

Now it's out there.

Made it as a headline news at www.transition.se/news.aspx?id=5020!

Check it out here:

Kire Promo from Kristofer Fahlgren on Vimeo.

Also look out for an interview with Kire on tacky.no in the near future!

tisdag 8 december 2009

The Ducksjen Movie

It's finally out there.

I havn't seen it myself yet, but I definitely will as soon as I have downloaded it!

You should to!

Link to torrent:

måndag 7 december 2009



Spent this weekend in Umeyo again, where I met Mr. Tensta who we're recording some tracks with Addeboy & Cliff there for his up and coming album.

Good weekend! Even though it ended up with me getting a parking ticket for standing the whole weekend on a "No-parking zone". Fuckin stupid!
1 experience richer and 500 SEK poorer.

Now I'm lookin forward on this next weekend that I'm going to spend in Åre.

LOTS of things happening there beteween the dates 11-13december. Crazy!
Just need a place to crash...
Suggestions anyone?

torsdag 3 december 2009

The Boardstore Movie

Friday the 11th of december.
Black Sheep, Åre, Sweden.

Click for larger image.

Den nya boardstore filmen är ett projekt av filmarna Niklas "byssa" Byström och Kristofer "kuske" Fahlgren. Dessa två grabbar har hängt större delen av säsongen uppe i Åre och där har dom filmat tillsammans med Boardstore teamet samt vänner. Det utlovas en film med true åkarglädje samt grymt shredd med några av Sveriges bästa åkare!

Åkare: Blayze Bramwell, Jonas Mattsson, Hampus Mosesson, Jakob Wilhelmson, Gustav Een, Jonatan Gadelius, Noa Gadelius, Stefan Karlsson, Martina Larsson, Kristoffer Hultgren, Niklas Byström, mfl..

Var: Black Sheep i Åre (nedanför VM8:an)
När: Fredag 11 December
Tid: Festen börjar kl. 21.00 - 02.00

Mat och Dryck: Vill man göra kvällen ännu bättre så finns möjligheten att äta och dricka till ett kanon pris! Vi är många som kommer träffas innan för en grym middag så gör det du med! Boka då bord här: 0647-53080

Afterski priser i baren hela kvällen!

Gör som resten av Åres snowboardåkare och kom till en grym premiär kväll! Boardstore och Black Sheep önskar er varmt välkomna! Väl mött på fåret!


Krogen Krogen

A friend of mine just found this video of my ugly face from this last friday.
Actually the very same friend was recently given the news that he or she has got the svine-flue. Serious stuff! Get well soon. Maybe I should get myself a shot of that sweet ass vaccin too.. hmm.


Umeyo is the city.
Krogen Krogen the place.
and SockerBeat the Club.
Good shit!

I'm looking pretty damn stoked!

onsdag 2 december 2009

On my knees

Also picked up a brand new knee protection last week.
Hopefully my knee will hold it together the whole season now and not blow out again like it has done these past two winters.

The one that lives, will se...


I've been hangin out at my parents house in Örnsköldsvik for about a week now.
Pretty sweet, but now It's about time to keep moving again..

Been watching some hockey, drinking some beers, shooting some timelapse and just chillaxed these past few days.

Here are some random pics.

Sunset Timelapse

Looking pretty alright


Last weekend in Umeyo!

Club SockerBeat - Fet skit!

By the way.
Pete Forsberg and Mack Dawg Näslund has started to play together again, and DAMN it's looking good.

On the ice that is..
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