lördag 30 januari 2010

Clip Of The Week

This week Jocke Rasmussen eats dirt at a session at the downrail at the Vännäsby Cemetary.

Stomping them tricks, one by one..

Clip Of The Week - Jocke Rasmussen from Kristofer Fahlgren on Vimeo.

onsdag 27 januari 2010


Last night we teamed up with Hans Åhlund and his Pirates Crew when they also we're here shooting in Umeå.

Haze threw down some sick tricks and I was there to capture it from the alternative angle. Stoked!

Sneak pics:
Haze keeping it street
The Grinch is a wicked machine!
The Pirate 16mm Camera. Dope Shit!

Umeå Spotmission

This last week I've been hangin out in Umeyo shooting with Kire, Lil E and some other Random Bastards
It's been a nice, productive week and we have been getting shots pretty much every day.
Here's some pics of some spots we've been hitting:

First spot. Rail to drop.
The classic 42 stair set outside Umeå
Kire and Wiberg hangin out at the cemetary
Kind of a small rail, but nice scenary.
Here Kire almost got executed when he went back the next day to pick up his showel that he forgot there the day before.

Stay away from the shooting range is all I gotta say!

måndag 25 januari 2010

Byssas New Episode

Check out Byssas second episode from this years TV Åre Videoblog.

The first part of the edit are filmed by both me and Byssa, but the park-part are filmed entirely by Byssa.
Really stoked about the musicselection since this is a song that I been promoting a lot lately and been wanting to use for a similar edit. Love it!

Download it here:
"Edwards Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros - Home"

Here's some more pics from that day:
Sammy the Salmon hangin out
Jonte G with Byssas Monster Tripod

lördag 23 januari 2010

Clip Of The Week

Here's a funny clip from our first session in Oslo.

Eric aka Slayah Johansson loses the Rock, paper, scissors and has to go first.

The rest pretty much explains itself.

Clip of the week - Zolo from Kristofer Fahlgren on Vimeo.

tisdag 19 januari 2010

Tarberg Twins

I'm currently at home in Örnsköldsvik doing some "real" work for the removalcompany that I use to work for during the summers.
If you ever want to do some removal from one place to another, this is the firm to contact:
The best there is! Hehe

Today I've been working on a small edit with the Tarberg Twins that I filmed this summer.

Found this picture of them that a friend of mine made. Soo funny!

Will post it here as soon as it's finished.
Stay tuned!

lördag 16 januari 2010

Åre Snow Park

Check out this video by Byssa from Åre Snowpark.

Can't wait to get up there again. Sure looks like a lot of fun!

I think the park will be off the hook this year..

tisdag 12 januari 2010

A day off

Today my fellow rippers took a well deserved day off from shredding.

Well, Kasper and his Ducksjen Crew we're out shooting some smaller stuff along with Beyer, but Kire and Lil E just stayed home and tryed to recover their slightly damaged bodies after a hard week of shredding.

A day off from filming snowboarding doesn't nessecarily mean a day off for me.
I took my camera and went for a walk downtown Oslo looking for some smooth scenery to shoot.

It ended up being a really nice day with beautiful weather and I got some nice timelapses and sceneryshots in the bag!

Rounded up the day with some nighttime shredding in Tryvann just outside of Oslo together with Chrille Krook.
Was really fun to do some nice mellow snowboarding by myself too and not just shoot all the time.

Tomorrow will be the last day of filming here in Oslo. Hoping to get some more bangershots!

Pics from today:
Downtown Oslo
I'm Tiger Woods Yepp I'm Tiger Woods!
Construction Site Timelapse, Yeah!
Felt like I was shooting for Discovery Channel or something
Down by the harbor
Epic sunset
Nighttime shredding at Tryvann
Chrille "Ain't no such thing as halfway" Krook

måndag 11 januari 2010

Best trick Monday

Just came home from another session here in Oslo.

Kire most likely threw down the best trick ever made on the rail, no biggie!


Downtown Olso, on our way to the spot

Pretty decent down flat down!

söndag 10 januari 2010

Oslo update

Operation Oslo is running smoothly.
We getting some heavy shots on a daily basics.

Klas Klabbe Beyer are working hard on his strappingmethods, so far, not going that well. By far the worlds slowest strapper!
Eric Slayer Johansson stomping tricks but having a hard time figuring out what the norwegians are saying..
Kire collecting hammershot like there is no tomorrow!

I'm just there documenting the whole spectacle. Stay tuned is all I gotta say.

Here's some pics:
The worlds slowest strapper getting ready to drop in
Kire and Nessheim downflatdowning
Lil E on some sketchy shit
Representing for my Ducksjen Crew
Norway vs.Sweden 8-6 Banger day!

torsdag 7 januari 2010

Stay tuned!

Been sitting on this material for quite some time now but haven't got the "thumbs out off my ass" until now..

Filmed this when I was just hanging out in Övik waiting for the season to start.
Trying to figure out my new camera and stuff.

I will not say that I will have a VIDEOBLOG this year since that word and format feels kind of played out. I will simply post small updates from all the trips and shoots that I will go to during this winter.

Sounds kinda fresh right!?

Dont sleep on this one.

Introduction - Stay Tuned from Kristofer Fahlgren on Vimeo.

onsdag 6 januari 2010

Chilidog railtour Åre!

Oh yes!
I'm on fire today.
Four individual blogposts under less then one hour!
A new personal record..

Here's a clip from the Forum Chilidog Railtour in Åre.

Filmed by me and Byssa.
Edited by Mr. Byström!

Jakob Wilhelmson

Made this clip for the Lib Tech homepage on Jakob Wilhelmson from the Stendalen photoshoot in Åre last april.
Filmed by me, Byssa and Ante Olofsson. 
Big up to jake for smooth riding!

A photo from the same shoot also made it to the cover on the latest Transition magazine!

News on Lib Tech homepage

Here it is ya'll!

Jakob Wilhelmson from Kristofer Fahlgren on Vimeo.

The Ducksjen Movie

Now the fullength movie is finally up on vimeo.

Got some footage on Kire up in that motherf--er!


Check it out or die!!

First day in Oslo

Arrived late last night to Oslo and got woken up by a superstoked Kire way too early in the morning.
After some minor carproblems we could set off our spotsearchinmission around 12 o clock.
First we took a trip up to Holmenkollen and checked out the new skijumping arena. Pretty massive!


Then we finally decided us for what to spot to hit. A down flat down rail with a really long flatpart.
We hit the rail constantly for about 4 hours and we ended up with pretty much nothing.
Erik Johansson threw down a 5050 but slided off about 20centimeters short.
Kire also stomed a frontslide lipslide but the same thing happened to him. About 20 centimeters away from nailing the whole thing.
Funny thing is that Kire and parts off the Ducksjen crew was there yesterday awsell and not one single rider managed to throw down any tricks that day either..

Better luck tomorrow I guess!

Some pics:
Kire looking for spots
Klas Klabbe Beyer looking amped!
Yellow seems to be the colour of the year.
Some downflatdown shiet

tisdag 5 januari 2010

Going to Oslo

I'm heading down to Oslo today to team up with the Ducksjen Crew for a few days of shreddin.
Hopefully we could get some shots.

Looks like they've got a whole lot of snow there.

måndag 4 januari 2010

DFD Session in Åre

Better check out this clip from last weekends event in Åre.

Dope session from the new downflatdown staircase.

Filmed by Ante Olofsson and Niklas Byssa Byström

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