måndag 31 maj 2010

It's all Ghood!

Found this new edit by Ante Olofsson.
His last edit I Feel Ghood was also off the hook and here comes the sequal.

I always likes the filming, colors and feeling Ante gets on his edits.

Smooth riding by Oscar & Henrik Harlaut and Simon Ericsson.

Check them out here:


Today we took a trip into Bergen to do.. Well, we didn't really do that much. Just walked around and looked at people. Don't get to see too much action here in quiet Jondal so a bigger city was a nice experience for a change.

Oh yes, Kire got himself a new charger for his Macbook, but that was pretty much it.

Here's some pics.

Jocke started off the day with a cold beer down at the harbor while waiting for the ferry.
Kire showing off his mad tip toeing skillz.
Johan chillin on the Ferry on the way to Norheimsund.
At the taxoffice in Norheimsund Johan got this post it note on his back.
Walked around with it half off the day in Bergen. Poor bastard!
Guns N' Roses played tonight in Bergen. I was superstoked about it but no one really wanted to join so we went back home again. Bummed!
Oh yeah, and we met a giraff that gave us flowers. RANDOM!

lördag 29 maj 2010

Cold Steel

My homeboys in the Mushroom Crew has been finetuning the rails into perfection and now they have finally made it up to the park in a smooth looking railline.

Jocke Rasmussen checks out what the Cold Steel is all about!


Cold Steel from Kristofer Fahlgren on Vimeo.

MF Borat

Legendary MF Doom has made this really really unexpected colab together with Sasha Baron Cohen aka Borat.

The result is this 4 track EP called MF Borat - The Mask and The Mustache.

Download it HERE

torsdag 27 maj 2010

Pow Again

When I got to the slopes this morning I got a nice little suprise.
During the night more fresh snow has decided to land all over the mountain. YES!!

So today we've been shredding in even more fresh snow than the day before in beautiful sunshine.
I problably had one of the best powder days during the whole season today. In the end of may.

I will try to make a edit out of it as soon as possible, but the sun makes you sooo tired in the afternoon so I have no energy what so ever.
But as soon I find some superhuman strenght or discovers that the days has 30hours instead of 24 I will make a new edit for all of you!

Stay tuned!
Got to the slopes at 09.00! Yes! More snow.
Winter all over again
The box almost buried under the snow
Kire in a nice powder slash
A day like today gets two BIG thumbs up from me and Beyer
Chilling down in the harbor after a nice day in the snow.
Jocke Rass looks like a small child playing with my wideangle lens!

onsdag 26 maj 2010

The Jump Off

Just think that it's kinda fun to see the mediacoverage my last edit Fonna - The Jump Off has gotten.

It's published on the biggest snowboard and skisites both in Norway and in Sweden and the people seems to be enjoying it.

Fri Flyt

Both Tacky.se and Tacky.no also posted my first edits Pow Day in Fonna and A Good Day


Winter Again

The winter is back.

The temperature has turned below zero and it's been snowing these two past days up on the glacier, so today we've been riding at least 10 centimeters of fresh pow. I also been filming the rails who has come up now, so hopefully I will be able to deliver a new edit tomorrow.

Nike 6.0 are also here with their snowboardteam for a big shoot. The shapingcrew with mr. Fossheim have been working their asses of these past days and hasn't been available for shred. But hopefully I can capture them on tape tomorrow.
The shapingcrew working on the Nike kicker 06.30 in the morning.
Someone of the Nikeriders testing out the jump.
Filming rails in minus degrees and heavy snowfall again. What happened!?
This is what it looked like when we left the resort in the afternoon.
And 20 minutes later down in the valley the cows welcomes us in beautiful sunshine
Also spotted this kick ass ride down at the grocery store the other day. How PIMP is that!?

JOSS Awards Part 3 & 4

Part 3 contains Team Europe, Team America and a smooth slideshow from all the photographers.

Part 4 contains Jon and Colbys dancesegment, judging and celebrations.

It was pretty fun watching the whole thing all over again, since I was kinda nervous during the Awards, hehe.

måndag 24 maj 2010

Exploration Day

Today me, Joel and Jocke Rass took a day off from the riding due to some bad weather.

Apperantly there's some kind of holiday in this country today aswell so nothing was open. So instead of buying some groceries we headed in to the woods for some exloring.

Here's some pics from some kick ass wildlife exploring in Jondal!

I'm trying to TAP THAT ASS!
Throwing rocks into the ocean. Good times
Check out Jockes girly leg steez
Jocke spotting some sick ass wildlife extremeness!
On top off the world baby! On top off the world!
Then we found this MASSIVE waterfall!
A big tree in the water. Cool stuff
A nice view ended a pretty mellow day

JOSS Awards Part 2

In this part: Team Norway, Team Canada and Team Newschoolers

söndag 23 maj 2010

JOSS Awards Video

Jon just posted the video from the whole JOSS awards.
So for those of you who wasn't there you can now watch the whole thing here.

This is part 1 of 4 which includes the Teampresentations and Team Sweden and Team Down Unders Edits.

lördag 22 maj 2010

Fonna - The Jump Off

Now the kickers has been built here in Fonna and we have a sweet triple line to play with.

Here's a few shots from the first days of jumping.

Riding by Erik Karlsson, Johan Bergkvist, Andreas Håtveit, Joakim Rasmussen, Erik Botner, Joakim Nyhaugen, Paul Kabugo and others.


Fonna - The Jump Off from Kristofer Fahlgren on Vimeo.

torsdag 20 maj 2010

Philip Harlaut 3rd place!

My very good friend Philip Harlaut just ended in third place in the Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships today in Riksgränsen.
That put him in front of big names such as Reine Barkered and Henrik Winstedt to name a few.

He is such a great skier and the result is more than well deserved!

I really enjoy to go riding with him since he's always stoked and pushes himself and others, no matter the conditions or occasion.
In the season of 07/08 me, pat and him spent about three months in Canada and USA and I try to go riding with him as much ass possible as soon as we're both in Åre at the same time.

It's really fun to se how he's developing his skiing and I'm sure we're going to hear a lot more from him on the freeridingscene these coming years!

Big up to him! Next year he will be on the number one spot!

Here's a video from the contest.

onsdag 19 maj 2010

Another smooth day

The glory days continues here in beautiful Norway.
Another smooth ass day with the blue bird and fun shred with the crew up in the slopes.

Yesterday Cissi, Jocke Rasmussen and my main man Joel teamed up so now there's even more swedes here representin!
We takin over this place!
Some more hot dog bbq went down!
Joel "Roadman" Ericsson made it here to Fonna! YEAHEY!
Andreas Håtveit giving Fonna two carpenterthumbs up for today!

Oh, by the way.
Some crazy shit will drop on monday, so make sure you stay tuned for that shiiet!
You don't wanna miss out on this one!

tisdag 18 maj 2010


These past two days has been kind of slow here due to some bad weather. But it's been pretty good for me, since I've got some time to do some editing with some old material that should have been a looong time ago.
But now I'm almost up to date. Just have some Nitro montage left then I'm Done and Done!

Here´s some pics from last few days.
Bad weather lazy ass timelapse from my window.
As you can see, my MacBook isn't feeling that good.
Today we finally got back that sweet ass sunshine type of weather!
David Kantermo showed up today and he had brought his awsome gorilla suit with him!
You know we had to try it on immediately!
Expect to see this sweet ass monkey in an upcoming edit shortly!
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