måndag 30 november 2009

Gone Fishing

Here's some more leftoverfootage from our trip to Fonna this summer.

The weather up on the glacier was often really bad. But down in the valley it was pretty descent weather most of the time.

This is a short edit from two nights of skating and fishing.

Good times!

Fonna - Gone Fishing from Kristofer Fahlgren on Vimeo.

After Effects?

Found this clip on photographer Peter Lundströms blog, where he posted this clip shot Pierre Wikberg, from the DC shoot on NZ where Ken Block jumpig with his car while 2 riders are jumpig beside him at the same time..
Or was it actually three riders?


Funny to read the comments on both Lundström and Pierre Wikbergs blogs.

Here's the fullenght clip for those of you who hasn't seen it:

söndag 29 november 2009

Elias Tarberg

Just found this clip of Övik localskater Elias Tarberg.

Been shooting some skating with both of the Tarberg Twins this summer but unfortunately they haven't been able the get a hold of the clips due to a classic PC vs. Mac error..
You can spot me around 0.22sec in to this clip where I shot the kickflip down the stairs from an alternative angle.

Hopefully you'll get to see thoose shots too someday..

torsdag 26 november 2009

Wide angel

By the way.

I still have my wide angelconverter left.

So if you or someone that you know are looking for something like that.
Holla at me. I give you a good price!


Come to think about it I still have the wideangel converter for a Canon XM2 left aswell.
58mm that is.

I give you a REALLY good price on that one if you're interested!


Just sold my videocamera today.
I really liked that one, but now I've sold it before I even got a chance to learn how to handle it properly. But it doesn't really matter beacuse I'm really stoked about starting to use and learn my new camera now.

Anyway. Money is always good. Got the paycheck from last months work yesterday and now today about the same amount fell in to my bankaccount.

Funny thing is, that someone has decided to give me another large amount of money to my bankaccount today aswell. Doesn't say where the money come from either, but hey. I won't ask any questions..

You can easily say that I got LBD'ed today.
LBD - "Lyft borda dyngan"

Swizzy, play me off!

Luda knows what I'm talking about too

måndag 23 november 2009

Nice weekend

To sum it up. This past weekend was really really fun.

Started early on friday morning with the car ride from Åre to Stockholm.
Made a short stop at the Extra Evil Destribution warehouse so Tina could pick up some new stuff from Special Blend.
A whole lot of nice stuff there. Feels like your a kid in a candystore.

Pelle looking really stoked!

On friday night we went to the Transition Winter Awards where Byssa and Tina picked up a really nice price each.

Female Snowboard shredder o the year!

Videoshlook of the year. Got a nice Transition trophy and a bottle of Harlaut Champagne, Yeah!

At the contest on saturday I got a pretty good spot to watch the competition. A bit chily, but a nice view.

Gave Sammy an extra push, took him to a third place. Did not claim a part of the pricemoney later that night though.

Everyone knew that Håtveit already had won up until his last run. Everyone exept these 3 guys on the startingramp.
Might aswell go for the dubbelcork 10 again!

That is one happy guy!
For those of you who missed it, you can watch the whole thing at SVTPlay:

At the afterparty Rusiak, Pewee and Eye N' I performed among others.
Always a pleasure!

On our way home. My dear blue jacket got into a minor climbingaccident so i had to let it go.
Shit happens I guess.

Notice the down on the ground! (That rhymes)

lördag 21 november 2009

Winter Jam

Just got home from a long day at Winter Jam.
Really really nice weather here today in Stockholm.

As some of ya'll might have seen, I was standing on top of the startingramp.
Pushed Sammy Carlson into the 3rd place among other things.
Maybe I should claim a share of his pricemoney...? Hmm..

Now I'm off the official afterparty.

Will hopefully leave a longer report tomorrow! Peace

fredag 20 november 2009


Slight change of plans.
Didn't go on the scheduled snowpremiere in Duved since a opportunity came up to go by car down to stockholm.
So I payed for my plane-ticket, but decided to go ride along in car instead.
Money ain't a thing!

Yesterday I went to the Transition Winter Awards.
Byssa won the price for "video-shlook" of the year and Martina Female parkshredder of the year. Superfun!
More about that later.

Now I'm off to Stockholms Stadion to do some work for an old classmate att the Eventutbildningen from Åre, who's now currently working for Louder Event.
Will be standing up in the starting tower to make sure that the correct rider will take off att the right time. I will try my very best that is.. No guarantees.

So make sure to turn on your televisions at 17.00 and 19.00 to watch some Prime Time Action live here from Stockholm! SVT 2

You'll guaranteed to see my handsome face there a few times aswell, so that by itself should be a reason enough for ya'll to turn on your television sets.

Peace. I'm out

Here's a short clip from last years event:

torsdag 19 november 2009

Snow premiere!

Just recived the news that the lifts will open here in Åre tomorrow.

Hamrebacken in Duved are once again the lift that will open up the earliest.

Here are som pics. Kinda impressed that they've created that much snow since the wether been really warm these past days.

Just talked to Byssa who's been there working with Laffa today and a small box and railline will be on place and also a small bump to play around with.
Going to be superfun!

Will shred the whole day tomorrow, then I'm off to Stockholm for the annual LG Winter Jam, among other things.
The arena looks pretty sick.

tisdag 17 november 2009

The Boardstore Project

Me and Byssas videoproject for Boardstore are almost finished now.
Been working on it pretty much every day this past week and a half and I would say that we have about one or maybe two more days of hard work left..
Lots of late nights and unhealthy food I tell ya!
But finally we're starting to se the light at the end of the tunnel..
Today we spent about 6-7 hours just working on some motion graphics and yesterday we spent at least the same amount of time on colour correction.
Though work, but still. So much fun!

Guess Who's Back!?

They're back!

As some of y'all may know I was born and raised in Örnsköldsvik. The heart of Hockey, Foppaland etc. etc. and it came kind of natural for me to play hockey growing up.
Watched a lot of games with my dad and my cousin Jon and his father as a kid.
Even though at first, I was mostly stoked to watch the Zamboni during the breaks.

This season hasn't really started that great for good old MoDo.
Luckily the news just dropped today that both Magic Boy and  Big Mac Näslund finally decided to sign for Modo for the rest of this season. 
Sure gonna make a lot of Övikcitisens happy I guess. Especially my mom and dad, my cousins and several friends from back home.

Kinda stoked myself too I must say!

So watch out Harrys in Örnsköldsvik, the man with the oversized shirts and plastic slipper are back in town!
Eh, and watch out all you guys at pingstkyrkan too I guess...

söndag 15 november 2009

Hands Up!

Yesterday me and some friends went to Östersund for The Secondhands premiere and their latest relase Hands Up.
As always, really good editing and cinematography. That's all I can really recall. Always hard to get a good look on premierenights since there  are usually some heavy liquor involved.
Some nice shots from Stendalen with hangglider and stuff.
Also saw some footage from the Kläppen shoot that I were involved in too.( You can see some of the result in my edit Afternoon Delight on Earlier Posts.) Too bad they decided not to use any of my shots, but I can see why since Ante Olofssons shots were about 10 times better than mine.. Love they way he gets the colours so powerful. Also really impressed by the way he's handling the camera without using the tripod. That dude got some steady hands. that's for sure!

Met up with Byssa's friend and ex-partner in crime Chris Thelin too. Nice to finally put a face on the name that brought us some classical snowboardmovies throughout the time.
Got a bit nerdy there when both me, Byssa and him talked about aftereffects, colouring, editing and blogstatistics on the pre-party. Not the everyday partyconversation, but I enjoied it a lot..
Ended up on some afterparty out on Frösön at Hampus Mosessons place, where we watched som old snowboardparts from Fe Real, Playback and Frienemies.

Hampus also showed us some leftover footage from last years movie Pony Tail.
Really stoked to see that since Pony Tail are probably my favourite snowboardmovie of all time. Nothing gets me as excited and pumped to go snowboarding like that movie does!

To sum it up, nice movie. fun party and a good weekend all in all.
Here are some photos from my cellphonecamera.

torsdag 12 november 2009

Random Bastards

Yo, check out this brand new teaser from the legendary Random Bastards Crew.

Got some footage in there, so I'm pretty stoked about that!

Kire's crazyass drop, Klas Klabbe Beyers BS 7 from Fonna and finally the closing shot on Kire and his Frontside 5 handplant from Åre Björnen.
So if you wanna here my beautiful voice you should check out this entire thing and here me go bananas in the end.

By the way, Dope as track too!
You know that Kuske is all in to that Dubstep Shit!!

måndag 9 november 2009

Mane Fresh

This one goes out to the gunrackpack!

The man, the myth, Mane!

Mane Fresh from Kristofer Fahlgren on Vimeo.

Check out there blog aswell:

More Åre

Woke up this morning and the sun was shining.
Took a nice morningwalk down by the water and took some photos with my once again, incredible mobilephone.

I must say I really like spending time here in Åre, right before the real winter kicks in..

Later on when Byssa finally decided to wake up, we went up to Rödkullen to shoot some more timelapses.
Talked a bit to Laffa and Jacob W and we checked out some new features for the park this up and coming winter.
A big downflatdown staircase that probably going to be sweet but most importantly. We checked out the new giganting wooden penis!

Byssa wants to place it between to big snowballs, Laffa wants to hide it deep down in the woods somewhere and Jacob thought it were pretty much disgusting.

We will be shooting some introshots tomorrow, that will probably interesting.
I never worked with animals before while filming.. That's all I will reveal for now.

I just realised after checking out Byssas blog that mine and his blog will be looking pretty much the same these following days since we will be doing pretty much the same thing.

So check him out for some more updates if your interested in our up and coming project.
YES, I am lazy. Hehe


söndag 8 november 2009


I'm currently hangin out here in Åre.
Teamed up with Mr. Byssa Byström today and we went up to Björnen to shoot som sceneryshots and timelapses.

When I woke up this morning the weather was really bad, but it turned out it was the great inversion-phenomenon that once again has invaded the valley of Åre.

We borrowed TV Åre's Panasonic cameras. One HVX 200 and one HPX 171.

For those of you who didn't know. I'm currently rockin a HVX 200 myself now aswell.

Kire Promo

It's done..

Just waiting for it to get uploaded on Vimeo. Then I Will post it here.
Will probably send it around to some other webpages too and se it they would like to post it aswell..
Stay tuned!

torsdag 5 november 2009

Back In Business

Been away working my ass off for a couple of weeks now again.
Austria, Italy, France and Suisse this time. Hard work, but pretty allright I guess.

Now I'm back in business again.
Started working on Kire's promovideo yesterday. Will post it here as soon as it's finished.
Then I'm heading up to Åre this weekend to hopefully start working on me and Byssa's videoproject. More info about that later.

Just checked out the results from Freeride Video Awards and I must say I was kinda suprised..
In the bigmountain category Niklas Karlström and his Jan Svan edit won, welldeserved. No doubt about it!
But best ski/jibcategory was "Daylight" by Clean Cut Productions. Not exactly my first hand choice. Jocke Åslunds "What Was That?" and Klas Rockberg's "POWER" should have won every damn day of the week.. Isn't this supposed to be a videocontest where the best edit as far as cinematography, editing and feeling should win? And not the edit with the most dancing and goofing around should win. Åkglädje, sure.. But this is getting kinda rediculous!

In the snowboardcategory the teaser for "White Lies and French Fries" won..
The teaser is pretty smooth, but once again. It's a teaser for a fullengthmovie. Not the best edit if you ask me..

My votes went to:
  • Byssa's "DANCE" in the snowboardcategory
  • Niklas Karlström in the big mountain and to
  • Jocke Åslund in the Skicategory.
Congrats to the winners, but maybe for next years competition there should be a professional jury who descides the winners.


Here´s my contribute for the FVA's skicategory. Afternoon Delight, that I shot on three different days this past season. One day with Secondhands in Kläppen and two days from the Stendalen Jumps in Åre when I was primary filming the snowboarders. But shot a few clips on the skiers too while waiting between the rounds.
It ended on 4th place in the qualificationround, while my other edit "Playground" made it to the finals and ended as the runner up after the White Lies and French Fries teaser.


Afternoon Delight from Kristofer Fahlgren on Vimeo.

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