fredag 29 oktober 2010

Random Madness


The 7up movie will be premiered online on sunday at 12.00 and I've been working my ass off to get it done in time.

Haven't been sleeping for these past two days and in the middle of everything I'm heading of to Oslo and GBG.

MAD STRESS! But hey..




tisdag 26 oktober 2010

Nike 6.0 D-Pad Session

Remember when we were in Folgefonna this summer and I told you about the Nike 6.0 team was there for a shoot.

Well, here's the result.

Riding by
Kevin Bäckström
Gjermund Bråten
Ståle Sandbech
Terje Håkonsen
Jake Blauvelt aka Jackie Blandsaft
Mason Aguirre
Eero Ettala
Erik Botner
And more.

Gothenburg Rail Battle

This weekend I think you all should get your ass down to "Swedens backside" Gothenburg.

A contest called Gothenburg Railbattle featuring top riders such as
Halldor Helgasson
Aaron Bittner
Gulli Gudmundsson
Teo Konttinen
Nisse Arvidsson
Anton Bilare
Marc Swoboda
Ludwig Lejkner
Hans Åhlund
Douglas Perry
Erik Karlsson
And More

There's a few videos out there with different people asking you to come.
One of them is this one by legendary hiphop-act Looptroop Rockers who will be playing right after the contest.

There will also be some filmpremiers.
Pirates, Nitro Snowboards and Second Hands will all be showing their latest movies this weekend.

But first of all!

Don't forget the Ducksjen Premiere in Oslo on friday (29 October)

Shit is going down!

måndag 25 oktober 2010


Kanye done did it again.

Here's the 35minute musicvideo for his track "Runaway".

Features some amazing camerawork, a phoenix sent from heaven, balettdancers, Lamborghinis and of course some good as tunes from Kanye himself.

Check it out!

Watch the whole video HERE

7 Up Premiere - Umeå


The Random Bastards Premiere that went down this saturday was off the hook.

Lots of people, good music, cheap beverages= good vibe!

The movie will be screened again this saturday in Umeå 30 October at Scharinska Villan together vith Forum's "F' it" Movie and in Sundsvall the week after that.

Also stay tuned for the online premiere so that you can watch it at home, or wherever you are.

Here's some blurry pics from the premiere

Preparty Warm Up

Eric "Slayah" Johansson

A sober Haze Åhlund also showed up to check out the movie and got attacked by all the drunk people.

Rolf Nylinder freakin it Vatos Locos style

Jocke Raz stoked!

Some rap-shit went down

Nice looking bartender

The po po also heard that there was a kick ass movie premiere but unfortunately that came a little bit too late so they missed the movie. That's why the look so pissed.

The swedish expression "In i dimman" will finish this blog post.

Good times!

lördag 23 oktober 2010


GunrackPack teammember Blayze Bramwell bustin some moves in this sweet edit by Ante Olofsson.

See more from Blayze and The Gunrack Pack in the 7 Up movie!



Just picked up the latest issue of Transition and saw that my main man Kire got a double spread in there!

Congrats to him, and to JOWE for taking a sweet picture.


It says backside 3 but I'm pretty sure it was a Fronstide 5.

I was actually also in this picture, but for some strange reason Jowe decided to photoshop me out it. Fuckin photographers, trying to steal a niggaz fame..

torsdag 21 oktober 2010

Random Editing

Ok, this past week I've been kinda busy with editing the new Random Bastards movie called 7 Up.

Especially these last three days has been superhectic with the deadline closing in on me, which means marathon-editing sessions.

But now things finally are starting to come together, so hopefully there will be two successful premierepartys this weekend.

One in Östersund at Marité and the other one at Fabriken, Umeå.

Make sure to be there!

Here´s some pics from the editing process here in Åre.

The setup

Winter on it's way

Nighttime editing means daytime chillin

Pretty sweet

Not so sweet!

But hopefully I will get a chance to drink a few ot these this weekend.
DUFF Beer... Mmmmm


Here's a video from Frontline Railjam last weekend.
Can't be fun to enter a railcompetition when you're competing against this Icelandic trio.

Haze Åhlund stood up for real, but unfortunately neither him or his kittens could knock some of these guys of the top positions.

They all seems to be riding for Petter Fosshaugs new headwearbrand Hoppipolla, which means "jump in puddles of water" and is also the name of a sick song by Sigur Ros.

Pretty sweet team they got going there.

onsdag 20 oktober 2010

The Local News

A friend of mine from Umeå sent me this picture today from local newspaper VK announcing this weekends grand premiere!

Take note on the awsome World Cup-extreme-snowboard-actionpicture!

Fabriken, Umeå, Sweden this Saturday.

If you wanna come, make sure to be ATTENDING on the event on facebook.

lördag 16 oktober 2010

Frontline Rail Jam

The madness is going down TODAY at 16.00 at Sergels Torg, Stockholm.

Just look at the riderslist:
Eiki Helgasson
Halldor Helgasson
Gulli Gudmunsson
Hans Åhlund
Jed Andersson
Mike Cassanova
Luif Paradise
Torstein Horgmo
Aaron Bitter
And More


Unfortunately I can't be there to witness the massacre. And for those of you who is in the same unlucky situation as me, there is now hope. Delivered by Method TV.

Because they have decided to stream the whole thing live here at the crazy little thing called internet.



torsdag 14 oktober 2010

More Events

Pick up your schedules and start making big fat marks on these certain dates!

First of all, the Random Bastards Movie 7 Up will be premiered on the 23'rd of October in Umeå at Fabriken.

Then, the weekend after that (29th of October) I think that you all should swing by Oslo to see whats up with the latest Ducksjen movie called "Klaustrofobiatch"

The teaser if you by any chance have missed that one:

And THEN. You should head down to GBG to check out the Gothenburg Rail Battle that's going to be off the chains!

Ok, that's all for me.

See you all there. Around, in between, everywhere.

tisdag 12 oktober 2010

Upcoming events


Wintertime is coming closer and there's a bunch of snowboardrelated events coming up this fall.

First of all I think you should check out the Forum Fuck It Railtour in Sthlm this friday. (15th of October)
The tour is now up and running with the first stop in Gothenburg last weekend.

Here's the schedule for the tour:

Don't forget to stop by at one of the railjams and especially don't miss out on the aftercoming party!

Make extra sure to pay a visit to one of the Northern stops, since the Random Bastards movie "7 Up" will be shown as a prefilm for Forum's latest flick called "Fuck It".

Here's the video from the first event in GBG, shot by my main man Byssa.
He got some new interesting setting on his camera I can tell.
Looking forward on getting my hands on those as soon he comes "off tour".

The same weekend in sthlm the annual "Frontline Railjam" will take place. (16th of October)

As usual some of the best railrippers in the world will attend, and of course there will be a kick ass afterparty!

Here's the video from last years event.

I will try to be there this weekend, but I'm not sure I will have the time.

Haven't even started editing the Random Bastards movie and it's planned to be premiered next weekend in Umeå, the 22'nd of October.

Wish me luck!

söndag 10 oktober 2010


This one just made my day!

And for those of you who have missed it.. The pack got a brand new website.


torsdag 7 oktober 2010

My friend is a Pro

Yes y'all!

Just got my new MacBook today, so from this day and forward my Mac is officially a PRO!


Ta Daaah!

Comin straight outta Cali

Mac and a Big Mac

That's what I'm talking about..

onsdag 6 oktober 2010

Behind The Scenes - 7 Up

This is what went down when we shot the gun-posing scenes for the 7 Up teaser.

Includes beer trades, one liners, gun spinning and a visit from the police.

Stay tuned for the fullength movie, dropping late October.

Have you missed the teaser for some strange reason?

Well, here it is again:

måndag 4 oktober 2010

Nitro Teasers

Here's the teaser for the Swedish Nitro-movie called Enough Said.

I saw that I got some shots up in there by Anton Gun and Matte Nyberg from last winters mission in Umeå and Sundsvall.

Can't wait too see the movie that will be premiered the 30th of October in Gothenburg.

Anton and Matte deathspot preparation

Anton Gun Wallride to deathdrop

Matte Nyberg Frontboarding in Sundsvall

Now, Enough Said!

Nitro also released a teaser for their "Roadwarriors" project that will be released soon aswell.

Killer track by the way.

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