söndag 28 mars 2010

Ducksjen Update

Kasper has put together a nice little edit from what the Ducksjen Crew has been up to lately.


I also heard that Kasper might join the Norway Team as a filmer for JOSS..
Wouldn't that be aswome!?

lördag 27 mars 2010

Golden Air & Oxborn Session

This weekend in Tandådalen has been crazy!
Fridays competition Second Hands Golden Air was pretty dope. But since it was poring down rain the whole competition my filming wasn't very good. Plus I was coming down with a bad case of fever this entire weekend. But hopefully a small edit will come out of it at least...

Saturdays competition was OFF THE HOOK! Oxborn session has such a good croudpleaser concept!
First 15 minutes off best style. Then 15 minutes off best technical, 15 minutes off highest Air and then 15 last minutes off freestyle Go bananas style!

Halldor Helgason won the overall and Highest Air Price!
Sindre Iversen got the Style Award.
Niklas Mattsson won the best technical and Rookie of the year!

Friday afternoon was sunny and sweet
Did some timelapses! Yeah
Lots off flags waving in the air
Oxborn Session Crazy lights going on!
Halldor Helgason won Highest Air and best overall!

torsdag 25 mars 2010

Clip Of The Week - More Kire

Even before Kire managed to break his hand and collarbone, he also made this kick ass slam on a HUGE wooden downflatdown.

Didn't hurt a bit he claims..

Riding by Erik Karlsson
Talking by Hans Åhlund


Clip Of The Week - More Kire from Kristofer Fahlgren on Vimeo.

onsdag 24 mars 2010

Tandådalen Winter Weekend

Tomorrow I'm heading off to Tandådalen for the Winter Weekend. Including the skicontest Second Hands Golden Air on friday and snowboardcontest Oxborn Session on saturday. Here's some edits from last years event.

Filmed and edited by Chris Thelin

Filmed and edited by Johannes Brenning.

Second Hands Golden Aire

A visit at the snowboardfactory

Today me and Hans went to the Extrem Snowboard factory in Såå just outside of Åre.
Hans went to pick up some off his new boards there and while we were there he unsharpened his edges on their high-tech machines..

After that we hooked up with this guy with a tractor to build up a spot for us that we will be hitting tomorrow.

Pictures from today:
Hans got the "I Know What l You Did Last Summer- Outfit"
Feeding the board to the robot
Hans looking at a stack of his new boards.
Tractor setting up the spot for tomorrow.

tisdag 23 mars 2010

Spotmission Åre

Today me and Hans went for a spotmission since the park here in Åre has turned in to pure ice.
We started to build up a spot at the Copperhill Mountain Lodge in Björnen. As we suspected, we got kicked out pretty soon. But we finished the setup anyway and thought that we might be able to hit it later.

So after a few hours we went back there and decided we should give it a few tries before we got kicked out again.
Said and done. Hans could hit it two times before the staff came and ordered us to leave.
We kept on going so after a while someone from the hotel came and parked her car in the landing. Bummer!

But after I sweetalked her in to give us just one more try, Hans could stomp his trick and we could get our stuff and leave.

Thank you angry hotel lady. And thank you Hans for putting down the trick under such great pressure! Hehe


We just finished building up the spot when we got kicked out by the angry hotelstaff. Not a big surprise.
Then me and Hans went on a supersecret spotmission.
Not a walk in the park to get to the place..
Then we decided to go back to the first spot to hit it again. The angry hotell staff then parked their car in the landing.
Hans stoked after stomping the trick on the very last try.

lördag 20 mars 2010

Lil' Eric - Pirate of the week

Just saw that Eric Johansson aka. Lil' Eric, aka. Slayah got the title Pirate of the week on Pirates homepage

Check it out here!

Byssas TV Åre Blog

The new episode is up!

First one I haven't helped out with any filming. But Byssa is doing a great job as usual even without me!

Today I'm heading out to the park to shoot some laps with Hans Åhlund. The sun is shining!

Click for fullscreen.

fredag 19 mars 2010

Clip Of The Week - Stolpe ut!

In this weeks issue, Kire has some bad luck during a session in Östersund.

Clip Of The Week - Stolpe ut! from Kristofer Fahlgren on Vimeo.

Back in Åre

I'n now back in Åre after a 12 hour drive from Umeå/Övik.

Me, Hans and Kire went spotsearchin in Övik, Sollefteå and finally in Utanede, Bispgården where they had this kick ass thailand temple.
Hans had seen on a poster or a postcard or something that there was some sweet downflatdown ledges right next to the temple.

When we got there, it turned out that the ledges was a bit smaller then they looked on the picture, but we decided to hit it anyway.

It turned out to be a really funny session even though I wouldn't claim that we got some heavy bangers!

Then the day after we had a superfun day in the slushy park with lots of friends riding together.
The day ended in the worst kind of way for Kire though.

Now both his hand AND Collarbone are broken. NOT GOOD!

Jocke Rasmussen then did the move of the year and gave Kire a ride home to Umeå after just spent the whole day in a bus to Åre from Umeå. Big ups to that!

When Kire and Jocke had went back home, I teamed up with Johan Bergkvist and Chrille P and played some beerpong in Tegefjäll! Can't wait for a rematch!

Spotsearchin Övik
Hmm, maybe some other time..
In the middle of nowhere, someone has decided to built this thing.
"They looked a lot bigger on the picture"
Fuck it, lets go for it!
First day in the park: Broken collar bone! Notice his plaster on his "thumbs up"hand!
Jocke went straight back to Umeå after spending approximately 10 minutes in Åre.
Johan brought back some kick ass drinking game from America!
He also brought back this killer mustasch! Not drunk at all..

onsdag 17 mars 2010

Sundsvall - Övik - Åre

Ok, now I have left Sundsvall after about a week of shooting.
Hanged out two days at my parents crib in Övik and now I'm off to Åre again.

Hopefully me, Haze and Kire can squeeze in a spotmission on our way up there aswell.

The park is looking smooth in Bräcke right now. Just found this video from the infamous GunRackPack! BOOM!

söndag 14 mars 2010

A bad day

Last day in Sundsvall (Saturday) I would most likely call a bad day.

We woke up pretty late after a hard night of partying, and decided to hit a spot that we've e´been wanting to do this whole week. But we made the decision to hit it during the weekend because it would probably be less crowded then.

Matte Nyberg was the first man out and did a few speedchecks before he went for it.
Somehow he twisted his knee in the hardpacked and icy landing and we knew right away It was bad.

We went straight away up to the hospital to check it up and to get him some crutches and maybe some painkillers.

5 HOURS LATER we could go back home. Sick.

Hopefully it's not that bad and Nybreckt can be out shreddin soon again!

I just received a call from Kire who said that he also spent 6 hours in the hospital yesterday aswell.
Apparently his "båtben" is broken. Couldn't find a good translation to english on that one.

This shouldn't have to take so long..
3 hours later and we hadn't even left the waiting room
After a while we could go in and see him. Anton checked out the pulse in Mattes forehead.
I'm rolling Mattes lazy ass to the X-Ray!
Anton found this awsome tall-tee though. Not all bad news!

fredag 12 mars 2010


I'm currently hangin out in Sundsvall with Nitro teamriders Anton Gunnersson and Mattias Mats-Ove Henrik Af Alf Nybreckt,tkt!

We've been shooting for a few days now and we still have some more spots to go.

Here's some pictures from last days missions.

Some of the photos taken from photographer Lolis Blog and Anton Gunnarssons blog

Mats-Ove Hundring hangin out while Gunnersson ovning out at the rail.
Anton pressin
Matte is a BAD BOY 4 LIFE!
Hmm, that looks like a pretty nice rail. The only problem is the HUGE pile of snow in the end of it... What should we do?
A whole lot of snow in the landing as you can see..
A couple of hours later, the tunnel was taking shape and we were superstoked for the up and coming day.
Loli is doing the last fine tuning on the tunnel
DAMN IT! It didn't work.. +5 hours of shoveling for nothing...

torsdag 11 mars 2010

Clip Of The Week - Pipesession

In this weeks edition af Clip Of The Week you'll get to see a smooth pipesession in Åre, Sweden.

Riding by Erik Karlsson, Emil Fossheim and Matteus Lestage

Clip Of The Week - Pipe from Kristofer Fahlgren on Vimeo.

onsdag 10 mars 2010

Brad Kremer Timelapse

Just found a new sick timelapse from Brad Kremer that he shot on his vacation on Hawaii last year.

Brad Kremer is the guy who did most of the filming for the Mack Dawg movies and last year the Burton Movie, The B Movie.

Check it out here.

tisdag 9 mars 2010

Nitro Smorgasbord

For those of you who hasn't seen Nitro's latest release Swedish Smorgasbord yet.
Here it is:

Fresh hamburgers

Today I went to a place just outside Umeå to shoot with the Random Bastards Crew and together with The Pirates.

The people who owned the place were supercool and help us to showel snow with their tractor and gave us drinks and hamburgers for free because they thought if was fun to have us there. Not everyday that happens. It's usually the other way around that people complains and try to kick us out from the places that we're hitting. BIG UP to that!

Here's some pics from today:
Kire, Björn and Jowe having a powerbreak
Kire hangin out in front of the RED camera
My camera looks like a toycamera compared to the Pirates camera. But they say that size doesn't matter, right?
"You want us to take away some snow so you could get a better shot? - No problem!"
A newly shaved Eric eating some fresh hamburgers. Hans pointing at Erics no longer existing mustasch.

måndag 8 mars 2010

Shooting with Nitro

These last couple of days I've been shooting with two riders from the swedish Nitroteam here in Umeå, Anton Gunnarsson and Mattias Nyberg.

Photographer Lorentz Holder is also here documenting.
Check his homepage out. Sick photos!

Here's some pics from last days missions:
Nitro Roadwarrior car
Supersafe laddersetup? Kinda sketchy
A nice day for a killer spot.
Last picture from Loli's Blog

lördag 6 mars 2010


This edit me and Gustav Eén made last week in Åre.

Since his originally from Gothenburg. We decided to make a GBG edit during a lap in Bräcke Snow Park.

Edit by Gurra, followcam by me.

Check it out!

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