fredag 31 december 2010

Back in Åre


Arrived to Åre yesterday, just in time for some new years celebration!

This is what went down, more to come.

Stay fresh, stay fly, stay alive. 2011 coming up!

Big Gangsta with a cup of Hennessy.

Nodja, Adde and BOSS Harlaut.

Preparty mode.

Chrille P looking artsy fartsy Emo.

JOOOOEEL and Micke Sjöberg. Or Emil Anderzzzzzzzon. Who knows!?

GRP Janne.

This is what's going down tonight!!!
Harlaut-Champagne! That's what's up!


Yo, on wednesday I took a quick trip up to Umeå to shoot some stuff with the Bastards.

Here's a few pics

Wiberg -happy. Kire - sad.

Hazie boy

This was the spot, but we got busted before we got a chanse to hit it. Bummer.

Second spot worked though. Wiberg putting down some smooth shit.

tisdag 28 december 2010


A friend of mine showed me this clip and it's pretty damn impressive.

Reminds a bit about the 8 bit trip-video I posted earlier.

Also check out this "Making Of" video. Not too serious, but a little bit funny and you get an idea of how much time and effort they put on this clip.

Headbangin Music

Here's some tunes for you to bop your heads to.

We start off with this warm up video to get you in the right mood!

My intentions was to drop a few more dubstep bangers, now when you all know how to dance to it. But instead I serve you all with some headbanging hiphop-tracks.

Here's a track from Freeway & Jake One's album "Stimulus Package" Check it out. Good stuff.

LAWS made a pretty serious video to this highly emotional track.

And to wrap it all up, here's just a good song.

måndag 27 december 2010

Christmas Shred/ Fail

This Christmas started off really good here in Örnsköldsvik.

Good food and good times with family and friends.

Bad Santa.

The we headed out for some shredding on christmas day.
Fresh pow and good times the opening day at the local hill.

Joel bringin out his brand new whip

Johnny B Good

Fresh pow. Hells yeah!

But then, FAIL

Blew out my knee again!

A couple days of chillaxin ahead..

torsdag 23 december 2010

Merry Christmas from The GunrackPack!


GunrackPack Narkotika edit. Makes your christmas celebrations a little bit more filthy!

Have a nice trip!

GRP - Narkotika from gunrack pack on Vimeo.

Ruka Day 3,5,6.. Whatever

Okey. Now I'm back from Ruka.
Gonna spend a few days in Övik for the usual Christmas stuff.

Here's some more pictures from the rest of our visit in Ruka.

Good times I must say, and we got a little bit of work done even if it wasn't too much snow.

Lolli Gettin those shots!

Nightskiing. At 14.30

The moon. And a star.

Knut and Dominik looking like homeless people.

Anton and the small but nasty closeout.

Setting up.


Lorenz is one cold photographer.

onsdag 22 december 2010

Forum Fuck It Finale Video

Here's the video from the grand finale of the F' it Railtour in Åre.

I helped Byssa out with the filming on this one, and he's done a great job with the editing!

Check it out here:

måndag 20 december 2010

Random Mix

Here's a bunch of Random pictures from Ruka.

Random Candy

Knut- Pro snowboarder/ fashion icon.

Probably the fastest "Kick" in Finland

This is what i like to call "the sniper angle".

The golden tranny.

Frank's pre-mixed alcoholic beverage. I'm looking in your direction Byssel!

Perry also got himself a drink of his own.

Met a guy with the M.Nyberg-syndrome.

Fancy some Suklaa?

"Sena Sejen! Ska vi säka lite sips!?"

Kouskes Congress Center. That's what's up!

söndag 19 december 2010

World Snowboarding Day

Today was apparently "World Snowboarding Day" so me and Knut ignored the hangover and went for a few laps in the park here in Ruka.

Really hope that you also dragged your lazy asses out for some snowboarding today.
If not, here's at least a video from our day.

Knut Eliasen in the Artic. Good showing Ruka, good showing...

World Snowboarding Day from Kristofer Fahlgren on Vimeo.

Anton Gun skipped the park today but made this Pro Snowboarding on his own.

Almost chopped my hand of when I tried to get that awsome GoPro-angle.

torsdag 16 december 2010

Day 2 - Ruka

The day started off really good with KILLER light in the morning.

Unfortunately the wind was blowing like crazy so it was freezing cold up on the top.
The lifts even stopped running after a while due to the wind, but we were still up there fighting.

Maybe got a few things done today, maybe not.

Our photographers got some shots for sure though.

Here's my pics:

9 o clock in the morning.

Anton hails the darkness!

Knut practising on his pointing skills for the photoshoot later on.

Anton enjoys the wind. Just look at his happy face

Hmm, this thing might work..?

Then the light came on.

Game time!
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