fredag 24 september 2010

Shopping Day.. Kind of

Today me, Byssa, Martina and Olle went to Östersund to meet up the guys at Extra Evil Distribution

They all went to pick up the latest gears for the winter.

Kinda like lots and lots of early christmas presents!

We also paid a visit at Jakob Wilhemlson's office to check out the new Lib Techboards and delivered them to Erik Nygårds at the WE-store in Östersund.

Tonight we are celebrating Byssas comeback in Åre, but also my 250th blog post!

Cheers to that!

Jakob at the Lib Tech /Mervin office

Lots of bananas on the floor.

Byssa checkin out the bear-cap from NEFF. Screams Nodija Gadelius all over!

It even got a small tail in the back. AWSOME!

The WE-Crew showed us this awsome accessorie for iPhone.

Visualante Cellphone Fisheye

Pretty awsome!

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