tisdag 23 november 2010

Winter Jam & Transition Awards

It's been a few hectic days in Sthlm, and I just realized I didn't take one single photo during the entire weekend.

That must mean it's been some good times, right!?

I was hired by Junkyard to do some filming from the snowboardevent on saturday, but unfortunately I was stupid enough to ask FIS for permission to film and just got a big NO NO for answer.

So no edit from the competition, but a short behind the scenes-clip and for those of you who missed the event you can watch it on SVT PLAY

Here's a nice edit from Andreas Nilsson showing the event through the eyes of Kevin Bäckström.

Jonte Nilsson also posted a small clip from his visit to Winter Jam.

Make sure to check out their new site that's guaranteed to change your world!

The Transition Awards was also a nice little event that went down on friday.
Some awards were handed out, some beers went down and some high five was thrown!

As I said earlier, no photos but I found this clip from Jonte Nilsson.
It pretty much sums up the vibe.

Just having a good time!

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