lördag 4 december 2010

Pirates in JNKPG


This past week I've spent some time in Jönköping together with Hans Åhlund ,Kalle Ohlsson, Chris Sörman and filmer Mikael Norrman.

We've been living at Chris place, sweet house btw, and trying to film some rails there for the upcoming Pirates Movie.

We've had some trouble with the grinch and some minor setbacks but it's been a pretty allright week after all.

Didn't really take much pictures since my mobilecamera sucks, but I stole some photos from Chris and Kalles blogs.

Make sure to check them out to read some more about our missions.

Me and Norrman as undercover-roadworkers.

Kalle chillin at the first spot while all the others showeling like crazy.

Haze and Chris finetuning the kicker.

Hans flipping out at -18 in bare upperbody!

Papa Bear pillowdropping, no shirt off course.

Kalle with a bad stomache.

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