måndag 16 augusti 2010

Days Out West

This weekend in Gothenburg was off the hook!

The music was awsome, the weather amazing, the alcohol fantastic and the party spectacular!

I would say that the top 5 live performances was:

5. Wu Tang Clan
4. Miike Snow
3. Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek
2. Broken Bells
1. Marina And The Diamonds

Off course the afterparty with MRTN, Dada Life and Jack Beats was Dope aswell!

Here's some pictures and clips from the top performers.
Unfortunately I couldn't find live clips from all of them. Some are videos, some are remixes and some are interviews followed by original tracks.

Please take some time to enjoy good music some day.

Wu Tang showed up with almost the entire Clan.
Here's the almighty Ghostface.

Miike Snow was tight as always.
Here's an alternative version of their track Silvia by Sebastian Ingrosso.

Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek got a new Reflection Eternal Album released! I would suggest that you check it out. Includes this track with Bun B.

Danger Mouse and James Mercers latest project Broken Bells.
Their live performance was amazing. Such great musicians.
This is a clip from the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

Also check out "The Mall & Misery"

Last but not least comes a few clips from the woman off my dreams. Half Greek, half Welsh-singer/songwriter Marina Lambrini Diamandis, goes by the name of Marina and the Diamonds.
What a woman. What and performer. What a musician.

I'm in love!

I'm Not A Robot

4 snippets and a small interview.
Check out here album "Family Jewels"

And then, there was the afterparty "Stay Out West"

Dada Life killed it.

Fake Blood was supposed to play too but they canceled last minute and got replaced by Jack Beats.

There you have it. My longest blog post so far.
Hopefully you can spend a little time in front of your computers now listening to some good tracks and maybe even discover some new ones!


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