måndag 9 augusti 2010

Our Work Is Faktiskt Over!

Today I worked my last day on the removal company for a while.
Just counted the hours I've been working from the 8th of july to the 8th of august and ended up with 375 off them.

So now I feel that I can have some time off again.

Got a trip to Umeå scheduled to collect some final shots for the Random Bastards Teaser and then I'm heading down to GBG to check out the allmighty Wu Tang Clan who performs at Way Out West.

Here's some pics from the last days off work.
Our window on the truck got smashed in Paris and they stole Kire's wallet.
I fucking hate Paris. Everytime I'm there something bad happens.
Funny thing though; Kire didn't even wake up from his slumber when they smashed the window.
We also went on a job at this US Air Force Base in Ramstein, Germany. They searched the whole truck and made us go in to this dark waitingroom. Weren't allowed to take photos inside but it was a pretty cool place.
Fuck work man, now I'm off partying!

Oh yeah, And I just watched Roxette this weekend in Sundsvall.
You could almost feel the hotcom!

Not incredible, just fantastic.

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