söndag 9 januari 2011

Åre Bluebird!

Heaven and pancakes.

Woke up this morning and got this message from Byssel "Jan Polman" Byström: Shitty weather. Stay inside today.

Good thing I know better than to listen to that guy and his bullshiiiet.

Bluebird, -4 degrees, fresh pow and good people made this sunday the best day of the year. So far.

Also feels good that I can shred a little bit with my knee again, still hurts and feels unstable, but at least I'm back on the board again.

Shitty weather, stay home today. Yeah right!?

Triple and Touch

Making those turns

Slednecks Håkan looking cute and mysterious.

Slednecks Håkan Ass shot.

PartyJoel rides for Partyjoel.

Crowded? Not really..
Epic? Kinda..

Heaven and pancakes. Good times!

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