fredag 7 januari 2011


Right now I'm currently hanging out in Östersund, trying to shoot some rails and other stuff together with HolyMoses, Steffe K and Slednecks Håkan.

I will try to put together a short videoblog later on tonight, but right now I'm exhausted cause we did this followcamrun today so I had to hike like three times more then the riders.

Not used to that, usually I just stand still and freezing my ass off during the whole session so this was actually pretty fun for an exchange.
Plus I really have to move my lazy ass more often so I think this was all good for me.

Shoveling some snow

A LOT of snow.

First day we tried this stall to downrail thing but it didn't quite worked out the way we wanted it to.

My new homie Leia.

Hampus fridaynight bare upperbody DJ session!

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