söndag 10 januari 2010

Oslo update

Operation Oslo is running smoothly.
We getting some heavy shots on a daily basics.

Klas Klabbe Beyer are working hard on his strappingmethods, so far, not going that well. By far the worlds slowest strapper!
Eric Slayer Johansson stomping tricks but having a hard time figuring out what the norwegians are saying..
Kire collecting hammershot like there is no tomorrow!

I'm just there documenting the whole spectacle. Stay tuned is all I gotta say.

Here's some pics:
The worlds slowest strapper getting ready to drop in
Kire and Nessheim downflatdowning
Lil E on some sketchy shit
Representing for my Ducksjen Crew
Norway vs.Sweden 8-6 Banger day!

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