onsdag 6 januari 2010

First day in Oslo

Arrived late last night to Oslo and got woken up by a superstoked Kire way too early in the morning.
After some minor carproblems we could set off our spotsearchinmission around 12 o clock.
First we took a trip up to Holmenkollen and checked out the new skijumping arena. Pretty massive!


Then we finally decided us for what to spot to hit. A down flat down rail with a really long flatpart.
We hit the rail constantly for about 4 hours and we ended up with pretty much nothing.
Erik Johansson threw down a 5050 but slided off about 20centimeters short.
Kire also stomed a frontslide lipslide but the same thing happened to him. About 20 centimeters away from nailing the whole thing.
Funny thing is that Kire and parts off the Ducksjen crew was there yesterday awsell and not one single rider managed to throw down any tricks that day either..

Better luck tomorrow I guess!

Some pics:
Kire looking for spots
Klas Klabbe Beyer looking amped!
Yellow seems to be the colour of the year.
Some downflatdown shiet

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