tisdag 12 januari 2010

A day off

Today my fellow rippers took a well deserved day off from shredding.

Well, Kasper and his Ducksjen Crew we're out shooting some smaller stuff along with Beyer, but Kire and Lil E just stayed home and tryed to recover their slightly damaged bodies after a hard week of shredding.

A day off from filming snowboarding doesn't nessecarily mean a day off for me.
I took my camera and went for a walk downtown Oslo looking for some smooth scenery to shoot.

It ended up being a really nice day with beautiful weather and I got some nice timelapses and sceneryshots in the bag!

Rounded up the day with some nighttime shredding in Tryvann just outside of Oslo together with Chrille Krook.
Was really fun to do some nice mellow snowboarding by myself too and not just shoot all the time.

Tomorrow will be the last day of filming here in Oslo. Hoping to get some more bangershots!

Pics from today:
Downtown Oslo
I'm Tiger Woods Yepp I'm Tiger Woods!
Construction Site Timelapse, Yeah!
Felt like I was shooting for Discovery Channel or something
Down by the harbor
Epic sunset
Nighttime shredding at Tryvann
Chrille "Ain't no such thing as halfway" Krook

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