tisdag 16 februari 2010

Åre spotsearchin

Today the weather was supergray and boring down in the village, but when we came up to the top, the weather was pretty sweet.

We cruised around looking for something to hit, and we finally found a natural hip in Tväråvalvet that we started to hit.
After a while, Tobbe Karlsson and Chris Sörman came by and threw down some flips. Then we tried to hit a small step upjump.

The speed was kind off slow, but that didn't stop two skiers that came by to give it a try. One landed short and bounced back, and the other guy slamed in the kicker and landed with his head first in to the wall.

SOO FUNNY! Keep your eyes open for the shots in a coming Clip of The Week.

Managed to get a short timelapse while waiting for the other riders to join.
Spotsearchin. Most of the pow is gone now. So you have to look twice as hard to find fresh spots!
Natural feature in Tväråvalvet
Byssa representing in the park

Big ups to Micke Sjöberg for this video!

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