måndag 8 februari 2010


I'm currently hangin out in Åre.

Last weekend was off the hook with lots of fun shredding and a whole lot of fun partying.

Kire and Mushroom shredder Emil Fossheim are here with me aswell so hopefully we could get some shots during the week.

Here´s some pics from this weekend.
Philip Harlaut doing some one handed shredding
Erik Manface Nylander getting down and dirty
Me and Phill took a nice last run in an epic sunset
Joel came, shredded, partyed, blew his knee out. Bummer
Byssa looking at his masterpiece park
Jonte Gadelius up in this motherf'er
Over and out. More to come..

1 kommentar:

  1. Yes! jag tänker fortsätta uppmuntra när du uppdaterar kuske :) nu när man får chilla hemma så checkar man ju flera gånger om dan ifall det har kommit nån ny update


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