onsdag 3 februari 2010

Övik Shredding

These last couple of days I've just been hangin out at home in Övik.
But on monday I got visit from the Random Bastards Crew and we hit up two spots here on my home field.

Did the classical Down Flat Down at Parkskolan and then a long wodden downrail the other night.
Setting up the spot, look at the "bush" to the left. What are they feeding it with!? MASSIVE
Nighttime shredd at the DFD
Dark picture of the downrail. Maybe beacause it's a super secret spot, or maybe because it's taken by a rotten cameraphone!? You'll be the judge!

Some sweet tricks went down but also some heavy ass slammin!
Might be a clip of the week, who knows!?

Today I'm heading up to Umeyo one last time to shoot with the same crew + Haze Åhlund. Hopefully could get some bangers there aswell before I'm heading up to Åre..

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