lördag 31 juli 2010

Italian Tour

Me and Kire's workation continues.

After a few days on the road we're back on the French Riviera and the apartment in Mandelieu.

Been driving all the way up to Ulm in Germany, then through Lausanne in Switzerland, Milano, Verona and Bologna in Italy.
Spend one night at Kire's sisters Stella and her husband Giuliano's place outside of Verona too. Good times.

We had some trouble with exploding tires on the highway and minor setbacks through out the trip but now we have the weekend off here in Cannes. I'm trying to put together one final edit from the last days in Fonna too, so hopefully it will be ready tomorrow.

Ba baba da boopi!

A exploding tire on the highway in 140 km/h aint nuthin to play with.

Getting towed.

Drow by Zermatt and Saas Fee

Stella and Giuliano's place. True italian countryside style.

Kire and Stella. And a traktor.

Right in the middle of an italian "30 minute goodbye". What is Giuliano saying? Probably something like this:

Is this a big Red Bull or a small Heineken!?

Here's where I'm editing the latest videoupdate from Fonna. Pretty decent office.

By the way. I also heard that the DUCKSJEN teaser will be released later on today.
So stay tuned for that!

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