söndag 4 juli 2010

Peace And Love Day 2&3

Ok. Now I've made it home from Borlänge and the Peace and Love festival.

Had a great time there, saw some dope bands, drank some good beer and met a lot of nice people I haven't seen in a while.

Good times!

Jon and Beyer chillin in Klas RV

Dance BAnders Haglöf showed up and made the days a little bit better

Jon feeling the vibe on the Hur Högt gig. Nääk, Nimo and Thomas Rusiaks latest constellation. They got some bangin tracks goin on there. Keep your eyes and ears open!

Ran in to Kristoffer "Holiday Håkan" Hultgren also. Always ready to strike a pose!

Krille Davidsson was there aswell. So Dope Boy Fresh!

The Shout Out Louds dedicated their track "Impossible" to Holiday Håkan

And then there was Jay


Found this clip from the concert with the "Forever Young"song, which is one of the worst Jay Z tracks of all time. But still, this clip is kind of funny. Especially the dude with the hat.

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  1. fy faen så fett. typisk jay!

    peace from perry


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