torsdag 8 juli 2010


Okey. My snowboardseason are now officially over.

Today was my first day of work on my "real" job, and I wont be able to post as much on this blog since I'm going away for a couple off weeks now down in Europe.

I have some more footage from Folgefonna that I wanna share with you aswell, but unfortunately I haven't got the time right now. Maybe in a few weeks if my job doesn't kill me.

Anyway. Yesterday I went for a quick trip to Umeå to deliver the last of my footage for the Random Bastards movie and after we were done, we headed down to the skateplaza "Sparken" for a short session with the Random skaters. (Not to mention barefoot skater Rolf Nylinder)

The entire session was filmed in just one hour, so don't expect too much.
But hopefully I'll get a chance to film there some more this summer. That would be DOPE!

Okey. Have a nice summer all of y'all.

Signin out.

1 Timme i Sparken from Kristofer Fahlgren on Vimeo.

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