tisdag 12 oktober 2010

Upcoming events


Wintertime is coming closer and there's a bunch of snowboardrelated events coming up this fall.

First of all I think you should check out the Forum Fuck It Railtour in Sthlm this friday. (15th of October)
The tour is now up and running with the first stop in Gothenburg last weekend.

Here's the schedule for the tour:

Don't forget to stop by at one of the railjams and especially don't miss out on the aftercoming party!

Make extra sure to pay a visit to one of the Northern stops, since the Random Bastards movie "7 Up" will be shown as a prefilm for Forum's latest flick called "Fuck It".

Here's the video from the first event in GBG, shot by my main man Byssa.
He got some new interesting setting on his camera I can tell.
Looking forward on getting my hands on those as soon he comes "off tour".

The same weekend in sthlm the annual "Frontline Railjam" will take place. (16th of October)

As usual some of the best railrippers in the world will attend, and of course there will be a kick ass afterparty!

Here's the video from last years event.

I will try to be there this weekend, but I'm not sure I will have the time.

Haven't even started editing the Random Bastards movie and it's planned to be premiered next weekend in Umeå, the 22'nd of October.

Wish me luck!

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