måndag 25 oktober 2010

7 Up Premiere - Umeå


The Random Bastards Premiere that went down this saturday was off the hook.

Lots of people, good music, cheap beverages= good vibe!

The movie will be screened again this saturday in Umeå 30 October at Scharinska Villan together vith Forum's "F' it" Movie and in Sundsvall the week after that.

Also stay tuned for the online premiere so that you can watch it at home, or wherever you are.

Here's some blurry pics from the premiere

Preparty Warm Up

Eric "Slayah" Johansson

A sober Haze Åhlund also showed up to check out the movie and got attacked by all the drunk people.

Rolf Nylinder freakin it Vatos Locos style

Jocke Raz stoked!

Some rap-shit went down

Nice looking bartender

The po po also heard that there was a kick ass movie premiere but unfortunately that came a little bit too late so they missed the movie. That's why the look so pissed.

The swedish expression "In i dimman" will finish this blog post.

Good times!

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  1. VA?! Vad var dom ute efter? jag visste inte att dom hade varit där? tänk om jag hade hamnat i fyllecell! AJ! Dom får börja hålla sig borta för jag gillare ej.


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