tisdag 26 oktober 2010

Gothenburg Rail Battle

This weekend I think you all should get your ass down to "Swedens backside" Gothenburg.

A contest called Gothenburg Railbattle featuring top riders such as
Halldor Helgasson
Aaron Bittner
Gulli Gudmundsson
Teo Konttinen
Nisse Arvidsson
Anton Bilare
Marc Swoboda
Ludwig Lejkner
Hans Åhlund
Douglas Perry
Erik Karlsson
And More

There's a few videos out there with different people asking you to come.
One of them is this one by legendary hiphop-act Looptroop Rockers who will be playing right after the contest.

There will also be some filmpremiers.
Pirates, Nitro Snowboards and Second Hands will all be showing their latest movies this weekend.

But first of all!

Don't forget the Ducksjen Premiere in Oslo on friday (29 October)

Shit is going down!

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