lördag 17 oktober 2009

Black Winter

Just got back from the One Off filmrelease for Standard Film's latest release Black Winter here in Stockholm.
Last winters movie wasn't really that good according to me, myself and lots of other people. So my expections wasn't superhigh on this years release but Damn!

Thorstein Horgmo's opening part was a real killer with BS1080/ SW Bs 1080s in backcountry high up and literally IN the trees.
Also a killer followcam line from PC that was a follow up from last movies line from the Northstar park. Fun!
That guy knows what he's doin on the board for sure!

Halldor Helgassons part also, Mindblowing!!
Really like the song to it aswell: Matt & Kim - Daylight that I've been playing a lot this fall and it raised the part up a few notches too.
From awsome amazing to superdupalisciouskiller sick!
That boy is working hard for his paycheck..

Really looking forward of seeing the Factor Film again, cause I can't really say that I remembered that much from to Oslo premiere other than both the brother Helgassons had really outstanding parts there aswell!

Met Jacob Wilhelmsson aswell at the premiere and he wanted some footage from me to use for some Lib Techpromotion that I shot on him at the Stendalen/JOSS jump last winter. Superstoked about that I must say!

Now I'm off to work for a couple off weeks down in Europe so I won't be postin stuff on this blog for a while, but when I come back I will be more comitted then ever. Promise!

So stay tuned.
Bye for now.

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