måndag 12 oktober 2009

Frontline Railjam

Spent this weekend in Stockholm for the Frontline Railjam and their pretty much mandatory pre- and afterpartys!
Superfun weekend.
Started of with the Technine Filmrelase at One Off City on friday and their Hard To Earn-joint.
Kinda what you could expect of a FODT-movie.
- Lots of BS and FS 180's on big, big ledges 
- The sountrack should contains 75% gangsta-rap and 25% old soulclassics
- Always wear  big, big, BIG pants and ghetto ass hoods and sweats!
- Have more tow-in and lifstyleshots than actual ridingshots.
-Be sure to film the whole thing with almost excludingly dollys and 
-DON'T FORGET to show the tricks with at least 4 different cameraangles.
That has been the recipe for at least the last couple of Finger On Da Triggermovies and HEY.
Why change a winning recipe!?

Saturday evenings contest was off the hook as usual. Good vibe, great music, lots of familiar faces, and of course sick riding!
The Helgason brothers killed it, even though Eiki didn't throw down as many tricks as the crowd (and obviously himself) expected.

Funniest suprise to me and I guess to a lot of more people as well was to see localrippers Leo Crawfoord and Jonathan Linde killing it together with the rest of the compeditiors from all over the world. BIG UP to them!
Super impressed!
Didn't film anything this year since I'm in the middle of a cameraupgrade and doesn't entierly "got my shit together."
Maybe next time.
Can't wait for next years event though. Always a pleasure.
Here's some pics from the weekend, mostly from saturdays party:

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