måndag 5 oktober 2009

Freeride Video Awards

Here we go again.
The Freeride Video Awards is an anual amateur ski- and snowboardfilmcontest hosted by the swedish website freeride.se.
I've been sending in different contributions for three years now I think. But haven't won anything this far.

Got on second place last year in the Big Mountain category, but without any prices. (Not deserved either, I'm not bitter.)
This year I'm competing in both the ski/park category and the NEW snowboardcategory.

HARD competition though!

Joakim Åslund got a killer-edit with lots of footage from his JOSS apperance!
The snowboardcategory gonna be thight as well. The Lev och Lekcrew competing with their seasonedit which has been posted on freeride earlier and it's fine as hell.

I also happen to know that my "filmingassociate" Niklas Byssa Byström are competing with a brand new edit too for The Freeride Awards.
So it's going to be a tight, but hopefully a clean fight.
May the best man win!

Could use a little bit of help though with the voting.
Would be highly appreciated.

Afternoon Delight (Skis)

Playground (Snowboard)

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