tisdag 27 oktober 2009

Freeride Video Awards - FINAL

My edit; Playground made it to the finals in FVA

Please vote for it if you feel like it.

Byssa's edit DANCE is dope aswell!

Would have much rather made it into the finals in the Ski/Jibb class though with my other edit AFTERNOON DELIGHT
A 15" Macbook Pro for the first price there. BUT, no one will probably beat Joakim Åslunds contribute WHAT WAS THAT? anyway so, doesn't really matter I guess.

But once again, please vote for me HERE:


2 kommentarer:

  1. Sweet kuske! jag har röstat! varje mans rättighet och ansvar:)

  2. HAHA!
    Man tackar.. skönt att höra att nån tar sitt ansvar!


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