torsdag 5 november 2009

Back In Business

Been away working my ass off for a couple of weeks now again.
Austria, Italy, France and Suisse this time. Hard work, but pretty allright I guess.

Now I'm back in business again.
Started working on Kire's promovideo yesterday. Will post it here as soon as it's finished.
Then I'm heading up to Åre this weekend to hopefully start working on me and Byssa's videoproject. More info about that later.

Just checked out the results from Freeride Video Awards and I must say I was kinda suprised..
In the bigmountain category Niklas Karlström and his Jan Svan edit won, welldeserved. No doubt about it!
But best ski/jibcategory was "Daylight" by Clean Cut Productions. Not exactly my first hand choice. Jocke Åslunds "What Was That?" and Klas Rockberg's "POWER" should have won every damn day of the week.. Isn't this supposed to be a videocontest where the best edit as far as cinematography, editing and feeling should win? And not the edit with the most dancing and goofing around should win. Åkglädje, sure.. But this is getting kinda rediculous!

In the snowboardcategory the teaser for "White Lies and French Fries" won..
The teaser is pretty smooth, but once again. It's a teaser for a fullengthmovie. Not the best edit if you ask me..

My votes went to:
  • Byssa's "DANCE" in the snowboardcategory
  • Niklas Karlström in the big mountain and to
  • Jocke Åslund in the Skicategory.
Congrats to the winners, but maybe for next years competition there should be a professional jury who descides the winners.


Here´s my contribute for the FVA's skicategory. Afternoon Delight, that I shot on three different days this past season. One day with Secondhands in Kläppen and two days from the Stendalen Jumps in Åre when I was primary filming the snowboarders. But shot a few clips on the skiers too while waiting between the rounds.
It ended on 4th place in the qualificationround, while my other edit "Playground" made it to the finals and ended as the runner up after the White Lies and French Fries teaser.


Afternoon Delight from Kristofer Fahlgren on Vimeo.

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