fredag 20 november 2009


Slight change of plans.
Didn't go on the scheduled snowpremiere in Duved since a opportunity came up to go by car down to stockholm.
So I payed for my plane-ticket, but decided to go ride along in car instead.
Money ain't a thing!

Yesterday I went to the Transition Winter Awards.
Byssa won the price for "video-shlook" of the year and Martina Female parkshredder of the year. Superfun!
More about that later.

Now I'm off to Stockholms Stadion to do some work for an old classmate att the Eventutbildningen from Åre, who's now currently working for Louder Event.
Will be standing up in the starting tower to make sure that the correct rider will take off att the right time. I will try my very best that is.. No guarantees.

So make sure to turn on your televisions at 17.00 and 19.00 to watch some Prime Time Action live here from Stockholm! SVT 2

You'll guaranteed to see my handsome face there a few times aswell, so that by itself should be a reason enough for ya'll to turn on your television sets.

Peace. I'm out

Here's a short clip from last years event:

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