söndag 15 november 2009

Hands Up!

Yesterday me and some friends went to Östersund for The Secondhands premiere and their latest relase Hands Up.
As always, really good editing and cinematography. That's all I can really recall. Always hard to get a good look on premierenights since there  are usually some heavy liquor involved.
Some nice shots from Stendalen with hangglider and stuff.
Also saw some footage from the Kläppen shoot that I were involved in too.( You can see some of the result in my edit Afternoon Delight on Earlier Posts.) Too bad they decided not to use any of my shots, but I can see why since Ante Olofssons shots were about 10 times better than mine.. Love they way he gets the colours so powerful. Also really impressed by the way he's handling the camera without using the tripod. That dude got some steady hands. that's for sure!

Met up with Byssa's friend and ex-partner in crime Chris Thelin too. Nice to finally put a face on the name that brought us some classical snowboardmovies throughout the time.
Got a bit nerdy there when both me, Byssa and him talked about aftereffects, colouring, editing and blogstatistics on the pre-party. Not the everyday partyconversation, but I enjoied it a lot..
Ended up on some afterparty out on Frösön at Hampus Mosessons place, where we watched som old snowboardparts from Fe Real, Playback and Frienemies.

Hampus also showed us some leftover footage from last years movie Pony Tail.
Really stoked to see that since Pony Tail are probably my favourite snowboardmovie of all time. Nothing gets me as excited and pumped to go snowboarding like that movie does!

To sum it up, nice movie. fun party and a good weekend all in all.
Here are some photos from my cellphonecamera.

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