torsdag 26 november 2009


Just sold my videocamera today.
I really liked that one, but now I've sold it before I even got a chance to learn how to handle it properly. But it doesn't really matter beacuse I'm really stoked about starting to use and learn my new camera now.

Anyway. Money is always good. Got the paycheck from last months work yesterday and now today about the same amount fell in to my bankaccount.

Funny thing is, that someone has decided to give me another large amount of money to my bankaccount today aswell. Doesn't say where the money come from either, but hey. I won't ask any questions..

You can easily say that I got LBD'ed today.
LBD - "Lyft borda dyngan"

Swizzy, play me off!

Luda knows what I'm talking about too

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