måndag 9 november 2009

More Åre

Woke up this morning and the sun was shining.
Took a nice morningwalk down by the water and took some photos with my once again, incredible mobilephone.

I must say I really like spending time here in Åre, right before the real winter kicks in..

Later on when Byssa finally decided to wake up, we went up to Rödkullen to shoot some more timelapses.
Talked a bit to Laffa and Jacob W and we checked out some new features for the park this up and coming winter.
A big downflatdown staircase that probably going to be sweet but most importantly. We checked out the new giganting wooden penis!

Byssa wants to place it between to big snowballs, Laffa wants to hide it deep down in the woods somewhere and Jacob thought it were pretty much disgusting.

We will be shooting some introshots tomorrow, that will probably interesting.
I never worked with animals before while filming.. That's all I will reveal for now.

I just realised after checking out Byssas blog that mine and his blog will be looking pretty much the same these following days since we will be doing pretty much the same thing.

So check him out for some more updates if your interested in our up and coming project.
YES, I am lazy. Hehe


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