måndag 23 november 2009

Nice weekend

To sum it up. This past weekend was really really fun.

Started early on friday morning with the car ride from Åre to Stockholm.
Made a short stop at the Extra Evil Destribution warehouse so Tina could pick up some new stuff from Special Blend.
A whole lot of nice stuff there. Feels like your a kid in a candystore.

Pelle looking really stoked!

On friday night we went to the Transition Winter Awards where Byssa and Tina picked up a really nice price each.

Female Snowboard shredder o the year!

Videoshlook of the year. Got a nice Transition trophy and a bottle of Harlaut Champagne, Yeah!

At the contest on saturday I got a pretty good spot to watch the competition. A bit chily, but a nice view.

Gave Sammy an extra push, took him to a third place. Did not claim a part of the pricemoney later that night though.

Everyone knew that Håtveit already had won up until his last run. Everyone exept these 3 guys on the startingramp.
Might aswell go for the dubbelcork 10 again!

That is one happy guy!
For those of you who missed it, you can watch the whole thing at SVTPlay:

At the afterparty Rusiak, Pewee and Eye N' I performed among others.
Always a pleasure!

On our way home. My dear blue jacket got into a minor climbingaccident so i had to let it go.
Shit happens I guess.

Notice the down on the ground! (That rhymes)

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