söndag 14 mars 2010

A bad day

Last day in Sundsvall (Saturday) I would most likely call a bad day.

We woke up pretty late after a hard night of partying, and decided to hit a spot that we've e´been wanting to do this whole week. But we made the decision to hit it during the weekend because it would probably be less crowded then.

Matte Nyberg was the first man out and did a few speedchecks before he went for it.
Somehow he twisted his knee in the hardpacked and icy landing and we knew right away It was bad.

We went straight away up to the hospital to check it up and to get him some crutches and maybe some painkillers.

5 HOURS LATER we could go back home. Sick.

Hopefully it's not that bad and Nybreckt can be out shreddin soon again!

I just received a call from Kire who said that he also spent 6 hours in the hospital yesterday aswell.
Apparently his "båtben" is broken. Couldn't find a good translation to english on that one.

This shouldn't have to take so long..
3 hours later and we hadn't even left the waiting room
After a while we could go in and see him. Anton checked out the pulse in Mattes forehead.
I'm rolling Mattes lazy ass to the X-Ray!
Anton found this awsome tall-tee though. Not all bad news!

3 kommentarer:

  1. scaphoid bone kuske, läs din anatomi om du ska bli kroppsbyggare en dag! /valis

  2. neee. Jag caimar fan "Boat-Bone" som den rätta termen för detta mytomspunna ben.

  3. SCAPHOID bone.

    Poäng till Valis!

    Beyer; Nice try..


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