tisdag 9 mars 2010

Fresh hamburgers

Today I went to a place just outside Umeå to shoot with the Random Bastards Crew and together with The Pirates.

The people who owned the place were supercool and help us to showel snow with their tractor and gave us drinks and hamburgers for free because they thought if was fun to have us there. Not everyday that happens. It's usually the other way around that people complains and try to kick us out from the places that we're hitting. BIG UP to that!

Here's some pics from today:
Kire, Björn and Jowe having a powerbreak
Kire hangin out in front of the RED camera
My camera looks like a toycamera compared to the Pirates camera. But they say that size doesn't matter, right?
"You want us to take away some snow so you could get a better shot? - No problem!"
A newly shaved Eric eating some fresh hamburgers. Hans pointing at Erics no longer existing mustasch.

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