lördag 27 mars 2010

Golden Air & Oxborn Session

This weekend in Tandådalen has been crazy!
Fridays competition Second Hands Golden Air was pretty dope. But since it was poring down rain the whole competition my filming wasn't very good. Plus I was coming down with a bad case of fever this entire weekend. But hopefully a small edit will come out of it at least...

Saturdays competition was OFF THE HOOK! Oxborn session has such a good croudpleaser concept!
First 15 minutes off best style. Then 15 minutes off best technical, 15 minutes off highest Air and then 15 last minutes off freestyle Go bananas style!

Halldor Helgason won the overall and Highest Air Price!
Sindre Iversen got the Style Award.
Niklas Mattsson won the best technical and Rookie of the year!

Friday afternoon was sunny and sweet
Did some timelapses! Yeah
Lots off flags waving in the air
Oxborn Session Crazy lights going on!
Halldor Helgason won Highest Air and best overall!

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