fredag 12 mars 2010


I'm currently hangin out in Sundsvall with Nitro teamriders Anton Gunnersson and Mattias Mats-Ove Henrik Af Alf Nybreckt,tkt!

We've been shooting for a few days now and we still have some more spots to go.

Here's some pictures from last days missions.

Some of the photos taken from photographer Lolis Blog and Anton Gunnarssons blog

Mats-Ove Hundring hangin out while Gunnersson ovning out at the rail.
Anton pressin
Matte is a BAD BOY 4 LIFE!
Hmm, that looks like a pretty nice rail. The only problem is the HUGE pile of snow in the end of it... What should we do?
A whole lot of snow in the landing as you can see..
A couple of hours later, the tunnel was taking shape and we were superstoked for the up and coming day.
Loli is doing the last fine tuning on the tunnel
DAMN IT! It didn't work.. +5 hours of shoveling for nothing...

4 kommentarer:

  1. 2 bad, det hade blivit riktigt fett med tunnel.

  2. Fan va drygt me tunneln! Kunde blivit riktigt fett./ lil'e

  3. Haha såg inte de andra kommentaret förän nu:p vilken ripoff jag gjorde /lil'e

  4. HAHA!
    Precis, kom med nåt eget Eric!


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