tisdag 23 mars 2010

Spotmission Åre

Today me and Hans went for a spotmission since the park here in Åre has turned in to pure ice.
We started to build up a spot at the Copperhill Mountain Lodge in Björnen. As we suspected, we got kicked out pretty soon. But we finished the setup anyway and thought that we might be able to hit it later.

So after a few hours we went back there and decided we should give it a few tries before we got kicked out again.
Said and done. Hans could hit it two times before the staff came and ordered us to leave.
We kept on going so after a while someone from the hotel came and parked her car in the landing. Bummer!

But after I sweetalked her in to give us just one more try, Hans could stomp his trick and we could get our stuff and leave.

Thank you angry hotel lady. And thank you Hans for putting down the trick under such great pressure! Hehe


We just finished building up the spot when we got kicked out by the angry hotelstaff. Not a big surprise.
Then me and Hans went on a supersecret spotmission.
Not a walk in the park to get to the place..
Then we decided to go back to the first spot to hit it again. The angry hotell staff then parked their car in the landing.
Hans stoked after stomping the trick on the very last try.

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