fredag 19 mars 2010

Back in Åre

I'n now back in Åre after a 12 hour drive from Umeå/Övik.

Me, Hans and Kire went spotsearchin in Övik, Sollefteå and finally in Utanede, Bispgården where they had this kick ass thailand temple.
Hans had seen on a poster or a postcard or something that there was some sweet downflatdown ledges right next to the temple.

When we got there, it turned out that the ledges was a bit smaller then they looked on the picture, but we decided to hit it anyway.

It turned out to be a really funny session even though I wouldn't claim that we got some heavy bangers!

Then the day after we had a superfun day in the slushy park with lots of friends riding together.
The day ended in the worst kind of way for Kire though.

Now both his hand AND Collarbone are broken. NOT GOOD!

Jocke Rasmussen then did the move of the year and gave Kire a ride home to Umeå after just spent the whole day in a bus to Åre from Umeå. Big ups to that!

When Kire and Jocke had went back home, I teamed up with Johan Bergkvist and Chrille P and played some beerpong in Tegefjäll! Can't wait for a rematch!

Spotsearchin Övik
Hmm, maybe some other time..
In the middle of nowhere, someone has decided to built this thing.
"They looked a lot bigger on the picture"
Fuck it, lets go for it!
First day in the park: Broken collar bone! Notice his plaster on his "thumbs up"hand!
Jocke went straight back to Umeå after spending approximately 10 minutes in Åre.
Johan brought back some kick ass drinking game from America!
He also brought back this killer mustasch! Not drunk at all..

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