onsdag 26 maj 2010

Winter Again

The winter is back.

The temperature has turned below zero and it's been snowing these two past days up on the glacier, so today we've been riding at least 10 centimeters of fresh pow. I also been filming the rails who has come up now, so hopefully I will be able to deliver a new edit tomorrow.

Nike 6.0 are also here with their snowboardteam for a big shoot. The shapingcrew with mr. Fossheim have been working their asses of these past days and hasn't been available for shred. But hopefully I can capture them on tape tomorrow.
The shapingcrew working on the Nike kicker 06.30 in the morning.
Someone of the Nikeriders testing out the jump.
Filming rails in minus degrees and heavy snowfall again. What happened!?
This is what it looked like when we left the resort in the afternoon.
And 20 minutes later down in the valley the cows welcomes us in beautiful sunshine
Also spotted this kick ass ride down at the grocery store the other day. How PIMP is that!?

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  1. Tråkig sportbil du hade fotat där då!


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