måndag 31 maj 2010


Today we took a trip into Bergen to do.. Well, we didn't really do that much. Just walked around and looked at people. Don't get to see too much action here in quiet Jondal so a bigger city was a nice experience for a change.

Oh yes, Kire got himself a new charger for his Macbook, but that was pretty much it.

Here's some pics.

Jocke started off the day with a cold beer down at the harbor while waiting for the ferry.
Kire showing off his mad tip toeing skillz.
Johan chillin on the Ferry on the way to Norheimsund.
At the taxoffice in Norheimsund Johan got this post it note on his back.
Walked around with it half off the day in Bergen. Poor bastard!
Guns N' Roses played tonight in Bergen. I was superstoked about it but no one really wanted to join so we went back home again. Bummed!
Oh yeah, and we met a giraff that gave us flowers. RANDOM!

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