torsdag 20 maj 2010

Philip Harlaut 3rd place!

My very good friend Philip Harlaut just ended in third place in the Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships today in Riksgränsen.
That put him in front of big names such as Reine Barkered and Henrik Winstedt to name a few.

He is such a great skier and the result is more than well deserved!

I really enjoy to go riding with him since he's always stoked and pushes himself and others, no matter the conditions or occasion.
In the season of 07/08 me, pat and him spent about three months in Canada and USA and I try to go riding with him as much ass possible as soon as we're both in Åre at the same time.

It's really fun to se how he's developing his skiing and I'm sure we're going to hear a lot more from him on the freeridingscene these coming years!

Big up to him! Next year he will be on the number one spot!

Here's a video from the contest.

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