lördag 15 maj 2010

Up and runnin

Finally solved my computerproblems today, so hopefully I will hook you up with some more edits these coming days!
Big ups to Chrille P for technical support!

We've had another banger day here at Fonna today with supernice weather. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little less sunny because my face really needs a day of from the sun.

We've finished painting the rails and some other Mushroom signs and branding today and you will probably see a behind the scenes in a edit SOOOON!

You can also stay tuned at what we're up to at the Mushroom Crew page.
BAANGIN weather! Again! You should really come join us.
The Mushroom taking shape
Done and Done!
When we got back home it was time for the boys to play their 100th game of DotA

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