tisdag 11 maj 2010

First day in Fonna

Today we've had the first day of riding here in Fonna.
Last night when we arrived it was raining, which usually results in fresh snow up on the glacier.

So when we got up there this morning we found about 10 cm of powder on the mountain. That and the fact it was approximately 5 more persons on the entire resort meant that we could shred cold fresh snow the whole day long.

I was doing some filming but I'm having trouble with my Final Cut program so I couldn't log the clips today, but I post some screen captures so that you can see how it looked.
Chrille P keepin it Gangsta
Emil, Chrille P and Johan cruisin
Chrille P BS 180
Less snow then normal for this time of year but still pretty damn sweet.
Johan rock shreddin
BOOYAH! Edit coming soon.. Hopefully!

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